Origins of the Easter Basket

With over 90% of American children receiving an Easter basket each year it is very likely that the modern Easter basket is unfamiliar to anyone. In ancient times the fertility goddess Eostre would be shown carrying baskets filled with eggs. Pagans would also take seedlings to their temple in order to ensure a bountiful harvest. Catholics later adapted these traditions into the Easter holiday.

The modern Easter basket typically consists of a wicker basket with a bottom layer of plastic grass. This basket is then filled with candy and treats. However there is no reason to limit yourself to just these baskets as there are many options available to you to give a unique Easter gift basket.

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Easter Gift Baskets For Infants

Infants are too young for the candy they willl get in their basket but that does not mean they are young for easter. Instead of chocalate eggs, you can give them plastic eggs filled with their favorite cereal. Instead of a chocalte bunny they would surely love a plush one.  Some easter themed books and music will help them enjoy the holiday while stimulating  their developing minds.

Easter Gift Baskets For Pets

Too many people their pets are almost as much of a part of their family as their children are. Make them feel included by giving them a basket this Easter. Dogs would love some gourmet dog cookies or another bone too chew on.  Cats love treats too. Buy your pet some toys to play and include them in a basket so they can enjoy the holiday with you.

Easter Gift Basket Ideas for Women

Women feel loved when they recieve gifts. If you want to make your woman feel appreciated this easter, why not make a basket for her? Here are some ideas how you can make her a basket that lets her know how much she means.

  • Flower Boquet Basket-Flowers are a great gift for women especailly in Spring when Easter takes place. Placing a boquet of flowers in an Easter basket will make it a holiday to mrember. Include a card with a heart-felt message for that extra touch.
  • Basket of Gifts-You can make a basket of small and not so small gifts.  Candles, lotions, body wash, and perfume will make for a sweet gesture. A piece of jewelery makes a wonderful center piece for a basket for her.
  • Cupcakes-Many women love cupcakes. You can bake her a a batch of cupcakes and carefully arrange them in a basket. Use pastel colors for icing and jelly beans for decoration.

Easter Gift Basket Ideas For Men

Men may be a little rougher, but they are still little boys ay heart who want their treats.  Surprise the man in your life by making him a basket to let you know you love them. Try to be creative and include things that guys like

  • Make a Sports Basket-Guys love sports. You can make a sport themed basket. Include things like a hat, or a jersey.  If he plays golf you can include balls and tees. Perhaps he would enjoy a sport themed book or movie. For an extra special gift, give him tickets to a game that you can see together.
  • Tech Basket-Guys love their toys. Buy him that tech gadget he has been wanting such as a new phone or tablet. Include gift cards to buy more gadgets. Any gamer would love a basket filled with games.
  • Make it Romantic-Nobody said Valentines has to be the only romantic holiday. You can make a basket with a bottle of wine, fancy chocolates, massage oil and lotion. 

Even the traditional basket makes a great gift for the man in your life. They may not want to admit but men miss their childhood and they still want their holidays to be the same as they remember growing up.

Buy A Ready Made Gift Basket

An original gift basket is a great way to enjoy Easter and make it special for your love ones. Some people don't have the time to make a gift basket on their own and for them their are thousands of  specialty retailers who can make custom baskets for you. This Easter think about who you can give a basket too that may not otherwise receive one.