Easter is a special time of the year for everyone, but for kids and children often times it's just another day to receive gifts. Easter gifts for kids and children are widely popular in most stores as Easter approaches. There's nothing better than seeing the look on a child's face after he walks out into the living room on Easter morning to see an Easter Basket or present left by the Easter Bunny. If you're looking to get your child an Easter gift this year, take a look at these great Easter gift ideas for kids, children, and toddlers alike. Making your child's Easter a memorable one will get them more interested in the holiday overall, perhaps even inspiring them to question to origins of Easter giving you a chance to explain and get them to understand why we celebrate Easter every year. After all, Easter isn't just about receiving gifts, much like Christmas, there is a lot more to this holiday than just a day for kids to have fun and receive gifts.

Video Games

Video games are becoming insanely popular in today's day and age, and it doesn't look like they are going to be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, it seems as though they will just continue to rise in popularity.

If your child likes video games, springing for a video game as an Easter gift will pleasantly surprise them and make them enjoy Easter that much more. If you're unsure of what kind of video game to get your child, take a gander in some of the online stores and find games targeted to their age group that seem to be pretty popular. Some websites allow you to filter your search results in this fashion, which makes it easier for you to choose the most suitable video game for your child, as well as read a review of the game to make sure it is appropriate for your child to play. There are quite a few educational games out there that are really fun for kids.

One suggestion I will offer is that you don't necessarily have to get them a video game for their Xbox or Playstation. If you have a younger child perhaps a Leapster handheld game console would be the best choice. Leapster is a great company that specializes in helping young children learn at the same time as they play the games. They offer many popular cartoon themed games including SpongeBob Squarepants, Cars, Diego and Dora the Explorer, and so much more. Your child will be so busy having fun with the games featuring their favorite cartoon character that they don't even realize they are actually learning.

Activity Books

Activity Books always make a great, educational Easter gift for kids and children. There are so many activity books you can buy for your kids online and in stores like Wal-Mart. There are activity books that help your child read better, do math better, write better, draw better, color better, or learn more about specific topics like animals or science.

If you are religious and want to keep Easter as religious as possible, go to your local Christian Book Store and you'll see plenty of activity books pertaining directly to Easter or Christianity in general. These activity books are great for kids the same way the Leapster games are in that they allow a child to learn at the same time they are having a lot of fun. They get both sides of their brain some exercise, the creative side and the logical side.

Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets are a great traditional Easter gift for kids and children. With Easter Baskets, you have the option of stuffing the basket full of several small gifts, perhaps even combining a few of the ones mentioned in this article.

Easter Baskets are great Easter gifts for kids and children because when they see that big shrink-wrapped basket packed full of multiple goodies, they are so overwhelmed with joy from the potential of a "whole bunch of free stuff". It's really one of the most enjoyable experiences as a parent to witness the looks on their faces when they first see it. With an Easter Basket, you can fool your child into thinking that you spent a lot of money on their gift, simply by stuffing it full of small, cheap (but still awesome to a kid) gifts like candy and chocolates or small stuffed animals, or maybe even some Easter Eggs filled with small goodies or change. You can pick how big your Easter Basket is and you can also use the fake grass and plastic Easter Eggs as filler to make it look more "stuffed".

Easter Baskets are a long time Easter gift tradition and they will always be there as an option if you run out of ideas. You can create your own Easter Basket or you can always get one online or in some stores that are already pre-stuffed full of little goodies and gifts for your child.


I remember as a kid, clothes and shoes were one of my parents' favorite Easter gifts to get me. As a child I don't really know how thrilled I was about this, but I know this is a quite common gift idea among a good number of parents. One idea is to get your child a nice Sunday church outfit to wear on Easter Sunday and for any other future church services.

If perhaps you're not religious or want to get your child something they can wear a little more often, most kids would love a nice name-brand spring/summer outfit that they can wear and show off in their final months of school. The main issue with buying clothes for your child as an Easter gift is that you want to make sure your child isn't going to be upset about the present they get.

A great idea is to get a good idea of what style is popular in the age group of your child, and what style you think your child would most appreciate based on their personality. Kids tend to be picky about clothes, especially in this materialistic world. The worst thing a kid can get as a gift is a set of clothes that they simply have no desire to wear. Make sure you do a little research beforehand to make sure your child is going to be satisfied with his Easter gift.


If all else fails, you can always fall back on good old fashioned toys and games for your child's Easter gift. I don't mean games as in video games but rather board games and things of that nature. There are a lot of great educational games out there that your child will more than likely still enjoy playing.

As for toys, you can never go wrong with toys when you're talking about buying gifts for kids. Kids love toys, and in a kid's mind sometimes there's just nothing better in this world than getting a cool new toy like a remote control car or the new Transformers.

Toys and games like Play Doh and Crayola Kids Craft sets are also a great option as these things are not only loads of fun for your child, but also help stimulate their creative side at the same time. Other variations of toys and games like these are Moon Sand, Lincoln Logs, Lego's, or any other Building Blocks.

I hope that this article has given you at least a decent idea of what kind of gifts to get your child for Easter this year. Easter gifts for kids and children don't have to be a difficult decision. As long as your child understands what Easter is intended for, the Easter gift for your kid should just be icing on the cake for this widely popular holiday. Easter gifts for kids can sometimes be a pain to pick out, but with so many kids Easter gifts available nowadays, it's hard to go wrong.