You might think that Easter home decor is just too cheesy or juvenile for your tastes. However, your kids probably want to decorate. Creating traditions can help with family bonding. Here are a few tips for Easter home decor that will fit within your budget and design style.

Find eggs that have an air of sophistication. Granted, the kiddies are still going to want their treats but you can decorate for the holidays with a touch of elegance. You can find hand carved eggs that you could display. You can also find papier-mâché eggs with hand paintings on them that some people display year round. You can place a few of these in a bowl on your coffee table or line your mantle with them for a subtle but elegant nod to Easter.

Think spring. This is a way to decorate for Easter in an elegant way and you'll be able to keep it around all season long. Get out all of those topiaries and floral centerpieces that you hid away for the holidays. You can even create a spring inspired theme. Mix and match different rose china patterns on your table for a shabby chic look. For a more whimsical flair head to the craft store and buy butterflies that you can use as curtain tie backs, or napkin rings. You can save a lot of money on these items if you head to after Christmas sales and then find new uses for butterfly ornaments.

Bring in a feminine touch. Easter might remind you of those frilly lace socks that you had to wear as a child. If you don't want to decorate with a lot of eggs then just go with a general springtime room. You can make banners just by cutting triangles and gluing them onto ribbon. You can use a variety of scrapbooking papers or fabrics to make vintage style banners that can really define a party area. You might be afraid of the pastel Easter colors of your youth. They just might not fit in with your home. You can really liven up your room just by bringing in a simple orchid plant. This is also an opportunity to transition your home around for spring. You can inexpensively change out your window treatments and pillows a few times a year to totally transform the color palette of your space.

You might be afraid that this type of decorating is too cutesy. Instead, be inspired by nature. Bring in moss, wood frames and dried lavender for a country look that doesn't scream "The Easter bunny was here". You can change up your color palettes by bringing in vivid yellows and greens if you don't want to decorate with the traditional pink, purple and blue color palette.

Easter home decor needs to work with your design sensibilities so it doesn't just feel like clutter. This ensures that you enjoy your home no matter what holiday is coming up and you might even look forward to decorating next year. You can also find items that you can transition into everyday use in your home to maximize your home decor.