The best Easter ideas for daycare facilities bring a sense of springtime fun to both children and the daycare teachers. This holiday represents change and new beginnings so day care centers should incorporate the seasonal atmosphere into the day care environment.

Creating a playful Easter atmosphere for kids is a fairly simple task. Since every day care should incorporate learning into their activities, Easter is a great focus to teach kids with fun, planned activities. Fun Easter ideas for daycare facilities can be planned as part of the daily activity schedule for days that lead up to the holiday.

Decorating In an Easter Theme

This is such a fun time of year for kids. It is the beginning of spring and represented by spring flowers, Easter bunnies, eggs and baskets.  Children will love making the decorations that will surround their day care environment.

It you go online there are many coloring pages that you can access in an Easter theme. One of the more popular Easter ideas for daycare facilities is to have each child design or color their own artwork that will be displayed. You can have themed days as part of the time leading up to the holiday. One day may be a bunny theme, the next day an Easter egg theme, and the next a holiday Basket theme. The day care can supply the coloring sheets and the art supplies for decorating. Kids will love the creative activities and the anticipation of the holiday.

The daycare can then be decorated in an array of Easter artwork. This kind of educational activity will benefit everyone. Parents will love seeing their child’s pictures on display, children enjoy showing off their artwork, and the day care facility will have a wonderful atmosphere of Easter decorations.

The Best Easter Ideas for Daycare Facilities Include Fun Easter Crafts

Holiday crafts are one of the most popular Easter ideas for daycare facilities. Here are a couple of favorite crafts ideas:

Easter Bonnet – Children can design their own Easter hat. All the kids can bring in an old hat from home to be decorated in a holiday theme. They can decorate them in an arts and crafts material that can be supplied. All the children can wear their hats in a holiday Parade at the Daycare.

Paper Plate Easter Bunnies – This is an easy craft for kids. You simply take a couple of paper plates. Use one for the ears and one for the body of the bunny. Children can color the ears and the face. The pieces can be stapled or glued together to make a bunny face. There are plenty of different variations of this craft that can be seen online.

Easter Party Fun Easter Ideas for Daycare Facilities

An Easter Party is a great holiday activity and there are many Easter ideas for daycare facilities that can be used to add plenty of fun to the party. These parties for kids involve fast moving activities that will keep their interest. Most kids love a party and a holiday party at day care is no exception. But what can the facility do for Easter party activities?

  • Easter Egg Hunt – Kids love an Egg Hunt and it is a traditional part of the celebration of the holiday. Hide some candy in plastic eggs and hide them for the kids. Children will have a great time with this fun activity. It is an activity better suited for the outdoors so the kids can run around but can also be played indoors. Just be prepared for rambunctious fun that kids love.
  • Party Games – Musical chairs has always been a fun children’s party game but playing it to Easter music gives it a great Easter theme. Some songs you can use for the Easter party games are: “Here Comes Peter Cottontail”,   “Easter Parade”, or “Hot Cross Buns”. Another idea is to play pin the tail on the Bunny. It is a variation of pin the tail on the Donkey but still loads of fun for kids.
  • Be sure the serve food that is in an Easter theme. Kids love cupcakes and in order to achieve that holiday look you can decorate them with green dyed coconut and a few jelly beans.  Another cool idea is to serve Easter cookies that the kids decorated themselves. Kids especially love to work on fun projects so is one of the best Easter ideas for daycare facilities.

This is just some of the many Easter ideas for daycare facilities that are available. You can always search online or go to the library for many more holiday themed crafts, recipes, and party ideas. Celebrating a holiday like Easter is always a great opportunity to make a memory.