Finding ways to make Easter special is easy. These Easter ideas for kids will make the day memorable and fun.

Easter is a holiday revolving around a Christian celebration, but our fast-paced society has embraced it as a reason to make the day special for friends and family. If you are like the millions of others who want to turn this holiday into a reason to have fun, enjoy good food, and hunt for some eggs, here are some Easter ideas for kids to help make the day even more memorable and special for them.

FoodEaster ideas for KidsCredit: Amazon

Finger foods make serving and clean up simple. Make simple sandwiches, then cut them out with small cookie cutters to turn a regular sandwich into a festively shaped finger sandwich. If your children like eggs, make deviled eggs and let them help mix up the deviled part before spooning the filling into the hardboiled egg whites. Think of all sorts of ways you can make carrots, because they are the Easter Bunny’s favorite. Making a Carrot Cake together as a family can be one of many great Easter ideas for kids.


Find ways to give back to the community during Easter to remind your kids that giving back is a year round activity. Make mini-Easter baskets to deliver to community workers in your neighborhood, filling inexpensive eggs with baked goods you made at home. Offer to help elderly people in your area who might not have a lot of family around by vacuuming their home and when you’re done, leave them a small gift basket. For projects you can do at home, hit the local craft store and find inexpensive baskets your children can decorate, then use these baskets for decorating the house or other projects.

Making Hunting Special

Make the Easter egg hunt an event your children will look forward to every year. Start with a full-blown bunny hop out to the yard, led by an adult who has bunny ears on and is ready to act as the surrogate Easter Bunny. Then when it is time to hunt, keep all the kids in mind. If you have various age ranges, separate them so the older kids do not scoop up all the easy-to-find eggs on the way to find the challenging ones. Make it clear to them that they are only to hunt in one specific area, or if you want to make it a bit harder, give them one color of egg to look for. By narrowing down the eggs they get to hunt for you save the toughest hiding spots for the oldest kids. Make it worth their while by putting cash in the eggs instead of candy.