Decorate Your Yard This Spring With Easter Inflatables, Lights and More

Easter Inflatables, Lights and Outside Yard DecorationsCredit:

After a long harsh winter, it is fun to dress up your home with Easter inflatables, lights, and other outside yard decorations.  Many people love to decorate their home for holidays all year round, and for this holiday, it is no different.  There are many kinds of items that you can use to spruce up your front yard and get into the spirit of the holiday.

Easter Inflatables for Your Yard

This inflatable will delight both children and adults.  Just plug it into an AC outlet and watch it self inflate in just moments.  It comes with ropes so you can secure it to your lawn, so there are no worries about it falling over or blowing away.

Airblown Bunny (4')Credit:

The perfect holiday greeting, along with a big and bright smile are just what your yard needs for greetings of the season.  It is four feet high and comes with the tether and everything else you need to inflate it.

4-Foot Airblown Inflatable Easter Bunny w/ Eggs Lighted Yard Decoration MultiCredit:


If you enjoy color, then this bunny, who is holding a sting of multi-colored egg lights, is the perfect choice for your yard.  It stands four feet tall and is a wonderful way to greet neighbors and friends who walk by your home.

This Chick is Bright and Colorful

4 Foot Easter Inflatable Chick and Egg
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(price as of Aug 21, 2016)
Even if your tulips are not yet in bloom, this adorable multi-colored chick will add so much color to your yard.

Outdoor Easter Lights 

Outdoor  lights add pizzazz to your front yard.  Since flowers are not yet in bloom in many parts of the country, you can add a bit of color with all kinds of Easter lights.

These 8 mm globe lights are for indoor and outdoor use, and come fifty to a set.  The cord is 17.5 feet long, and  the pastel colors are the right style for spring.

Easter globe lights for indoors and outdoorsCredit:

If you like the look of a Christmas light set, then these pastel colored bulbs fit the bill.  Like the globe bulbs, they can be used both indoors and outdoors.   They connect end to end, and if one light goes out, the others will still remain lit.  No more looking for the burnt out bulb!

Easter lights for indoor and outdoor useCredit:

These indoor/outdoor Easter egg lights fit the holiday theme! Ten come on each string, and each egg is less than three inches.  They sparkle whether they are lit or not. Just remember to tell the kids that these do not count toward the Easter egg hunt!

Easter egg light set for indoor and outdoor useCredit:

This light up Easter Bunny face can be placed inside or outside your window and be viewed by all who walk or drive by.

Easter Bunny lightsCredit:

Lights Featuring All Your Favorite Icons

Northlight Seasonal Lighted Easter Egg Window Silhouette Decoration, 16.5"
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This pastel light is part of a set that this manufacturer makes. You can also buy lighted chicks and bunnies in assorted spring colors.

Easter Flags

Easter flags are a beautiful way to decorate your yard.  All are weather resistant, so they will survive the outdoor elements. You can choose from small garden flags that hang on bishop’s hooks, which look lovely right by your front door steps.

Easter flagCredit:

Or you can choose from larger flags that are mounted to your home.  There are whimsical designs and religious ones, too.

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Some flags are a combination of Easter and welcoming the new spring season and feature flowers.


Easter flag for SpringCredit: www.a

Easter Mailbox Covers

Easter outdoor yard decoration mailbox coverCredit:

One way to quickly change the look of your yard is to use Easter mailbox covers.  They fit all standard sized mailboxes and easily attach to your mailbox with two magnetic strips.  The mailbox cover also comes with numbers so you can personalize it with your address.

Easter Windsocks

Easter outdoor yard decoration windsockCredit:

Better than wind chimes because they are silent, Easter windsocks are easy to put up and are a pretty outdoor decoration.  The only sound they make are the cord streamers that move when the wind blows.

Easter inflatables, lights and other outside yard decorations will make your home more beautiful for the Easter holiday.