Sending greeting cards along with flowers is a great way to show how much you care about your family and friends at this time of the year, and the question is: what are the best Easter messages and sayings that you can write that is appropriate enough, not an old favorite and not unwelcoming? This is an occasion that is truly pleasant and jovial, so what you are going to write should be optimistic and cheerful. Here are some Easter messages and sayings that are surely enjoyable to read.

 Guidelines When Writing Easter Messages and Sayings

If you plan to send greeting cards to your grandparents or close family members, include Easter messages and sayings which you wrote on your own. Also, the card can also include a couple of details on your life’s latest happenings as well as pictures of the entire family.

If you wish to send greeting cards to your siblings or parents who are miles away from you, just think about sending a text or email message to each of them with a beautiful and touching Easter messages and sayings. Another option would be to send a typed or handwritten letter via snail mail or give them a call. Whatever your choice is, it only means that you would like to express your feelings to them during this season.

Sending gifts or flowers to your mother together with special Easter messages and sayings is also one thing you may wish to take into consideration. How you communicate with them can be based on the way you and your family interact with one another. In the event that spending the holiday with them will not be possible, make an effort to make some preparations at some point to be with them next year. In addition, you can plan another family gathering which will be held in a year or two.

Easter is always associated with vivid colors as well as brilliantly colored eggs – these are some things to remember each time that you write your own Easter messages and sayings. Kids, reborn, fun, rebirth, joy, chocolates, eggs and bunnies must be the idea for your greeting cards. Furthermore, love, gratitude, miracles and grace are part of this particular occasion, so make use of them in case you plan to send a card.

For the religious people, greeting cards that follow the exact reason for this holiday will be more appreciated. Avoid humorous Easter messages and sayings here. What you can do is to add a verse from the Bible or compose something which is relevant to the spirit of the moment. Also, you can write a one-liner that gives an inkling of your principle and dedication.

While this occasion is regarded as a Christian celebration, funny Easter messages and sayings or inserts in a card is still good enough, provided that your family and friends find it suitable. Through witty Easter messages and sayings, you will be able to show your persona and witty side by giving them a good laugh at this time of the year.

Easter Messages and Sayings - What to Write

Wonderful Easter messages and sayings that you can include in greeting cards are the ones that relate to your own thoughts or memories. Try to recall previous Easter memories that involve family members or friends. The tone can either be sentimental or funny – it all depends on your frame of mind. Bringing the previous holidays to mind will certainly melt your loved ones’ hearts.

Your Easter messages and sayings could be the following:

  • More Easter blessing to come.
  • I’m sending you my love as Easter draws closer.
  • May miracles and love be a part of your Easter celebration.
  • More blessings and peace to you and your family. Happy Easter!

For the kids, Easter messages and sayings can go like these:

  • Here are sweet treats and colored eggs for a sweet child like you!
  • Have fun with your chocolate eggs and bunnies. We love you so much!
  • A lot of Easter blessings and sweet treats for an adorable kid like you!

A lot of people write “Have a hoppy Easter!” due to the fact that it is pretty funny, suitable and short. In addition, one of the excellent Easter messages and sayings to include in the card can be, “I hope that the Easter spirit hops your way!”, or you can add “A note from the Easter bunny to you: wishing and hoping you’d find each and every Easter egg!”. Your children will definitely be very delighted once they get to read their card.

Other Easter Messages and Sayings to Think About

For your friends:

  • I wish you and your loved ones a beautiful spring and joyful Easter.
  • Remembering you in this special occasion. May you have a great Easter holiday!

For your partner or spouse:

  • Lovely nature and spring flowers make me remember our love for each other.
  • Like a fresh bud in the spring season, our love just keeps growing and blooming.

For your family:

  • We are thinking of you and hoping that we can celebrate this holiday together. Have a happy Easter!
  • Even if we are miles apart, you will always be in my heart and mind this Easter.
  • I wish we are together to celebrate Easter. Anyhow, I am sending you my love.
  • I am so grateful for having you as my sister/dad/mom/brother/cousin/aunt/uncle.
  • We all wish you a marvelous Easter and hope to see you one of these days.

Coming up with brief Easter messages and sayings is just easy, particularly if there are useful suggestions available. Of course, it would be best if you write your own because it will show how much you really care for the recipient.

Prayers, gatherings and feasts can truly make Easter day a joyful day for everyone. Aside from Christmas and Thanksgiving, this holiday is the perfect time to express your feelings to someone who has a special place in your heart. This is also the time wherein we should commemorate everything that our Lord Jesus Christ has done for us, so send your Easter messages and sayings with lots of cheerfulness, vitality and color.