Easter means different things to different people.Most people these days associate Easter with a chance to get away from work and have a four day carefree holiday.













The Christian meaning of Easter













To others it is the day they go to church to celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection. This symbolized his life and promises of eternal life to all that believed in him. His resurrection was proof that he really was the Son of God because he had conquered death.Easter did not always refer to Christ's resurrection, the Easter Sunday feast was a pagan celebration of rebirth of the pagan Saxon Goddess Eastre.



















Children also look forward to the Easter Bunny













Children love this time of year and can't wait for the Easter Bunny to arrive with their eggs on Easter Sunday morning.Although I believe that the best part of the fun can be in the planning that goes into the day before hand. The time spent organizing the Sunday meal, preparing and making the bunny ears with the kids to make sure the day is more festive and memorable.













All children think Easter is about Chocolate Easter Eggs













Let's face it; you cannot blame the kids for thinking about the eggs above anything else. I mean even the adults dream about that wonderful box or basket of chocolates.Before that day arrives, we need to help the kids to make and decorate their hard boiled eggs. There are many other types of eggs too.I asked around and came up with a few different favorites





















·Cadbury's Crème Egg,







·Gateaux mallow eggs,







·Cadburys Crunchy Bunny







·Humpty Dumpty Eggs







·Lindt peanut butter filled eggs







·Smarties Easter eggs







·M & M's & Kinder Eggs with toy inside


Easter egg Chocolates are not good for everyone











Oh yes they are great I know, but too much of anything can be really bad.How many times have one of your children been really ill from overeating too many chocolates and worst of all are not hungry when it comes time to eat dinner?













My main concern is to warn parents not to let the kids think their dogs need one of those little chocolate eggs too.













Dogs and chocolate do not mix.Please warn your children that

if yourdog eats chocolate he could die. Yes, they sure can, so do not let that happen to your dog, he/she is far too precious.

Beware: Dogs can also steal chocolates if no one is looking.



















Easter Holidays can also end in Tragedy













We all get carried away at this time of year. Excited to put work behind us and get away for a few days either camping, fishing, boating, skiing, or just spending a relaxing time with friends.













The trouble is; when you pack up and drive out of your driveway you are joining so many others on the road.These may not have planned their trip as well as you and therefore are running a bit late.Instead of enjoying the trip they are in a mad rush to make up for lost time.Do not be one of those.













Things to do to ensure that you have a Happy Easter holiday:













·Check your tires and brakes before leaving home







·Prepare for your trip and leave early







·Take regular breaks if driving over long distances, get out and walk around and have a coffee







·Stay a safe braking distance back from the car in front of you







·Beware and vigilant of what the traffic around you is doing







·Never take your eyes off the road for a second, missed seconds can kill







·Overtake when safe- do not overtake on bends, over double white lines or at high speeds







·If you know someone is over the limit, take their car keys off of them







·Remember: If another driver behaves like an idiot – do not retaliate or you are as bad as them













Above all, I would just like to wish you a Very Happy Easter, and hope you all find a few Easter eggs to enjoy with your Easter Hot Cross Buns.