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It’s almost time for Easter. If you are looking for some easy-to-plan and follow Easter egg games here are a few all-time favorites that kids of all ages enjoy. Be sure to have a camera handy because these games will provide some outstanding photo opportunities – sweet, funny, and super hilarious moments. Also, great photo memories for scrapbooks and Facebook video postings, too.

Egg Hunt

This game is fun for kids and has been for years. Hide plastic or real hard-boiled eggs in a pre-determined area. Each child will have a basket and once the whistle is blown or “Ready, Set, Go,” is said, kids will collect as many eggs as possible. You can have prizes for the winner with the most collected eggs. If a gold-colored egg was hid the winner with the gold egg could win a particular prize. You set the prizes. Tip: make sure you count the number of eggs you hid and the number of eggs collected. If the numbers do not equal, there could still be another egg to find. This could also mean another prize for the one who finds the hard-to-find hidden egg.

Nose Roll

The challenge in this game is to roll a hard-boiled egg from start to finish using only your nose. Touching the egg with any other body part is not allowed. You will need to begin by marking a start line and a finish line with 10 to 15 feet distance between the lines. This is a fun-to-watch game. Great video opportunities! You can do this without a hard-boiled egg for older kids. For younger kids it’s less messy to use hard-boiled eggs.

Egg and Spoon

Hold a spoon in your mouth, keep a hard-boiled egg on the spoon and walk with your hands on your back without letting the egg fall off the spoon. The winner is the one who crosses the finish line without allowing the egg to fall off the spoon. To make it more challenging for older kids, add obstacles in the path between start and finish.

Scrambled Eggs

This game is very much the same as a traditional Easter egg hunt only this one requires plastic eggs instead of real eggs. Write letters on plastic eggs before hiding them, the number of eggs you use will depend on the number of participants. If you have a wide range of ages create teams being sure to pair up the younger kids with the older kids.  When all the eggs have been found the person or team that creates the most words with their letters wins.

Toss the Egg

This game is a bit messy and really should be played outdoors. Also, if players are wearing nice clothes have garbage bags for them to cover their clothing. This game requires teams of two.  Each player stands approximately five feet away from their partner and one player tosses an egg (not boiled) to their partner who must catch it without it breaking. Any team that breaks their egg is eliminated, the remaining teams continue on to the next round and all take one step back each time they catch their egg.  The last team with their unbroken egg wins. Hint: Keep spare eggs in case of breakage at the time of toss.

For prizes, you could give away gift certificates, a big chocolate bunny, candy, or inexpensive toys at dollar stores. These games are sure to make great memories for everyone. Be creative and invent some new games of your own. After all, that’s how these got started.




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