When people think about health, one of the points they frequently overlook is oral health.

So this year, when you make your resolutions to be healthy, don’t forget about healthy gums and teeth as well! What’s more, it is so easy to take action on it, and just a little effort a day goes such a long way. 

Here, I’ll like to share my 4-step process to clean my teeth thoroughly. 

Brushing Without Rinsing Beforehand

Brushing teeth!
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Smile! While you brush away.

I've always wondered how some people could brush their teeth for a long time. And then I realized the reason I couldn't do it was because I always rinsed my mouth before I started brushing; as such, it doesn't take long before it becomes a huge foamy mess and I have to rinse out everything.

I only came to this epiphany one day, when during a holiday, I found my friend leisurely brushing his teeth in front of the TV. And I asked, "How do you do that? I can never leave the sink when I'm brushing!" That's when he made me realize what I was doing wrong.

So, don't be like me and don't rinse out your mouth beforehand. Then you can give your teeth cleaning the time and dedication it deserves.

Scrub Your Tongue

You don’t need a fancy toothbrush with a tongue scrub behind its head for this. You can just use your regular brush after you’ve rinsed it out with water.

Majority of the bacteria in our oral cavity lies on the tongue and the roofs of our mouth, so a nice scrub would definitely help to keep your breath fresh, particularly before you leave the house in the morning.

Use An Interdental Brush

Have you ever found it really hard to clean those teeth at the backs of the mouth?

I know of friends who got tiny baby toothbrushes so they could reach those teeth behind.

Another alternative, which I got to know about thanks to my orthodontic treatment, is something called an interdental brush.

Now these brush heads are even tinier than baby toothbrushes and they can reach anywhere easily. Using an interdental brush to clean my teeth surfaces on top of my regular brushing really makes them feel nice and smooth.

Interdental brush
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A tiny brush is a handy brush!


Try to get this message into your mind so that you will floss every single day: Not flossing is almost equivalent to not brushing your teeth!

This was another learning point I got from wearing braces. Since food get stuck more easily between the braces and my teeth, I had to floss. However, it was because of that that I realized how dirty it can be in the gaps between two teeth.

Because this is so important, to encourage yourself, say, if you are feeling really lazy one day, JUST floss one tooth (and hopefully, you will just go on to floss your entire set of teeth).