Some people just don't have a clue when it comes to 6 pack abs workouts.

They think that with crunches and sit-ups alone, you can achieve those washboard abs you see on TV and print ad models and movie stars. But that couldn't be farther from the truth.

For these workouts to work, you need a team up of the following practices in order to achieve success in no time:

1. Cardiovascular exercises should be included in your 6 pack abs workouts. Why? These exercises help increase your metabolic rate so that you would burn fat much faster.

Exercises included in this category are aerobic dance routines, playing sports and running or jogging. Regular walking would also be a form of a cardiovascular workout.

However for it to bring the desired results, you need to do it often with increased speed and prolonged duration than what you normally do.

2. Breathing exercises may be simple, but they help in proper blood circulation as well as bringing more oxygen into the bloodstream to make fat burning faster.

Regular breathing exercises that are combined with stretching or other forms of movement would help the muscles in the middle area contract so that the sculpting process can begin.

3. Don't just do basic crunches. Use a variety of forms of crunches and sit-ups, combine these and perform in a certain number of repetitions within sets.

Increase your sets and repetition as you progress so that the body will not have a time to memorize the routine and become lax because of it.

4. Twist your body as you do crunches and sit-ups. By performing this twisting motion, you don't just sculpt the middle portion of your abdominals.

You also sculpt the obliques which would help you achieve that V-shape that is both sexy and appealing.

We need to remember that 6 pack abs workouts would not make you achieve success. It is by combining all of these tips and tricks given to you as well as the proper diet and the right attitude so you can get the results you want.

Always be reminded that there is no gain when there's no pain and that in time, you will reap the harvest of your efforts.