Every organization can benefit from using easy accounting software. Most packages allow you to create new reports easily, update your accounts automatically when you write a check or create an invoice and complete necessary tasks. Below is a synopsis of consultants advice, as well as a list of the tools recommended.

Lower-End Options

The Lower-End cost a few hundred dollars, and is recommended for organizations with one or two users, several programs, and annual budgets of up to $1 million.

QuickBooks by Intuit

QuickBooks is the market leader in entry-level accounting software. The price is about $100 for the most basic version and costs about $400 for a multi-user version with more features.

QuickBooks is very limiting, easy to get up and running and is intended for small business without much accounting experience.

Peachtree by Sage

Peachtree cost about $100 for a basic version, up to $1,000 for a much more sophisticated multi-user version). Peachtree is more flexible than QuickBooks, capable of setting up reports and accounting charts in the format you chose.

FundEZ by E-Z Development Corporation

This easy accounting software requires more investment initially, (it's about $1,000 for one user, including support). It is intended for nonprofits, allows more flexibility in tracking restricted funds and creating nonprofit-specific reports.

MIP Fund Accounting by Sage

MIP's pricing is the lowest at about $5,000 to $10,000. It is capable of tracking restricted funds and offers a good report writer.

Fundware by Kintera

This is a suitable option but pricier. It is geared towards government entities and nonprofits. Its functions include investments, cost centers, managing activities, projects, grants, contracts and cost centers.

The Financial Edge by Blackbaud

This is for more complex needs and more expensive. It has the capability to unify with The Raiser's Edge.

Dynamics by Microsoft (Formally Great Plains, Solomon and Navison)

This trio package by Microsoft, currently known as Dynamics SL, Dynamics GP Enterprise, and Dynamics NAV, respectively. Solomon is mainly for projects - and service-based entities, and gives a substantial amount of flexibility. It is more affordable at $15,000 to $30,000.

Great Plains Enterprise targets medium to large sized organizations, it is strong and widely used. Cost ranges from $50,000 to $250,000.

Navision is for more complex work. Licensing costs are comparable to Great Plains, and can be more costly to implement ($100,000+).

Mas90 by Sage

MIP also created Mas90, whose primary target is manufacturers. Functionalities include tracking or sales order entries. It costs about $10,000 to $30,000 in licensing fees.


The vast majority of nonprofits may be supported by any of the easy accounting software listed above, unless you have large sums of cash to manage, over a hundred accounting users, or a complex, multi-unit national or international structure. In that case, you'll need an enterprise package -- such as PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Oracle Financials, Great Plains', or Lawson Software, built for your specific needs.

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