Leftover chicken recipes

All but the largest of families are going to struggle devouring a whole chicken in one sitting, therefore leftover meat is very common. Many people think there is nothing that can be done with leftover chicken and that is only good for the bin however this is not the case. There are many leftover chicken recipes you can prepare with leftover chicken, providing you have the right ingredients, of course.

Leftover chicken recipes - battered chicken dippers

Chicken dippers are very tasty and something a bit different. If your family like chicken nuggets they will most definitely like these battered chicken dippers, and what’s more is they are easy to make.

The first thing you will need to do is make the batter mix, which consists of one beaten egg, half a cup of flour, a quarter of a cup of cold water and a pinch of salt. To make the batter all you need to do is add the ingredients in a mixing bowl and thoroughly whisk.

The leftover chicken needs to be cut in to bite sized pieces, dipped in flour, dipped in the batter mix and then put straight in to the deep fat fryer. The leftover chicken is pre-cooked therefore you need have no worries about the chicken not being cooked properly. Once the batter turns golden brown the dippers need to be removed from the fryer and drained on some kitchen towel before being served.

The chicken dippers are best served with a variety of dipping sauces, such as sweet chilli, barbecue, ketchup, mayonnaise or any other dipping sauce you want.

Leftover chicken recipes - Chicken and mushroom pie

Homemade pies are far better than anything you can buy in a shop so why not use your leftover chicken to make a delicious pie. A homemade chicken and mushroom pie is not only tasty but is very easy to make.

Simply add the chicken and some sliced mushrooms to a tin of condensed cream of mushroom soup and thoroughly mix in. Some people like a sloppy pie filling and some people like a more firm pie filing, the choice is entirely up to you so vary the quantities of the ingredients to suit the type of filling you want. For a sloppy filling add more soup and for a stodgy filling reduce the amount of soup.

Once the filling is thoroughly mixed pour in to a pastry pie case and cook in the oven. I think a crispy pastry pie is best and would use readymade filo pastry. However, you can make your own pastry and you can use short crust pastry, or any other pastry you wish. Once again, the decision is entirely up to you.

Leftover chicken recipes - Sweet and sour chicken

Chicken is a meat that goes exceptionally well with sweet and sour sauce. If you wish you can make your own sweet and sour sauce, add the chicken and then gently cook on the hob until the chicken is warm all the way through.

 If you do not have time to make your own sweet and sour sauce, or don’t know how to make your own
sweet and sour sauce it is best to use a jar of ready-made sweet and sour sauce, which can be purchased from a local store.

Once cooked the sweet and sour chicken can be served on a bed of egg fired rice, a bed of plain boiled rice or a bed of egg noodles.

Leftover chicken recipes - chicken curry

If you and your family like spicy food one of the best leftover chicken recipes is a chicken curry. The leftover chicken has already been cooked and will be delicate, therefore you need to take care when
reheating it to ensure it doesn’t fall apart and go to stringy. Cooking a curry from scratch requires intense heat and this would make the chicken go stringy, which is not good. When making a curry with left over chicken the best thing to use is a jar of ready-made curry sauce.

The type of curry sauce is entirely up to the individual and depends on personal tastes. For a really hot chicken curry use a vindaloo or madras sauce and add some fresh chillies, for a milder curry use a bhuna or dopiaza sauce and for a very mild curry use a korma sauce. This leftover chicken recipe is very versatile and is suitable for all tastes.

Rather than cooking the leftover chicken all you need to do is warm it through. Simply put the chicken in a pan and pour the sauce over it before gently heating it up on the hob. I always add some extra garlic and some grated ginger just to add that extra zing. The chicken and sauce should only take ten to fifteen minutes to cook, which is just enough time to boil some rice. Serve the chicken curry on a bed of rice and serve with chapatti or naan bread.

Leftover chicken recipes - chicken and sweet corn pasta

Chicken is a meat that goes very well with pasta so why not use your leftover chicken and make a pasta dish. In order to make this dish the first thing you need to do is make a sauce, with or without cheese. Whether you add cheese or not is entirely down to personal preference although I always add a little cheese but not too much since a lot of cheese can be very overpowering.

Once the sauce is made you need to add the leftover chicken and the sweet corn and warm gently on the hob. Whilst the sauce is warming through you need to boil some pasta. Once the pasta is cooked drain it off and stir it in to the sauce and leave on the hob for five minutes before serving and eating.

Leftover chicken recipes - side dishes for bbq

Left over chicken can be used to make a number of different side dishes for a bbq or family cookout. The leftover chicken can be shredded and then mixed with mayonnaise and some sweet corn. Alternatively, the chicken can be shredded and then mixed with some bbq sauce or mixed with some sweet and sour sauce.

Leftover chicken recipes - Anything else to consider?

When making leftover chicken recipes you need to be careful not to heat the chicken up too quickly. Using too much heat will make the chicken go stringy, which is not nice. To preserve the chicken it is easier to use a ready-made sauce in a jar. Because of this I make sure I always have some jars of ready-made sauces in the pantry for those times when I have some leftover chicken.

There are loads of leftover chicken recipes and those described are the tip of the iceberg, although they are my personal favourites. With a bit of thought and imagination there are many other leftover chicken recipes you can devise.