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Article marketing and backlinking is often not the favorite task of website owners or revenue share writers. It’s time consuming and can be difficult to come up with unique content for each article marketing or backlink site. Also, with recent speculation on upcoming Google changes short backlinks may be a thing of the past. Instead, you’ll need full-length high-quality articles for every backlink. Here are some tips for making it easy and quick to create unique content that’s relevant to your site.

If you are keeping track of your website or article traffic in Google Analytics, then you can see the exact search terms that people use to get to your site. Despite all the work put into good SEO and targeting keywords, you’ll see that just as many people type in an entire question and hit the search button. Check the long-tailed keyword search terms used to get to your article and you’ll have a goldmine of questions to answer and make articles out of. If one person asked the question, there will be others seeking the same information. Using the exact searched questions will help attract traffic to your article whether you post it on your own website or to an article marketing,  blog, or backlink website.

Set Up the Article

Copy and paste every search term into a Word document or word program of your choice. It doesn’t matter if several of the search terms are similar and ask the same basic question. You should now have a list of several dozen questions to answer. You need don’t correct for grammar or spelling yet. In fact, leaving them as is until you are finished can help you write slightly different answers for each one.

Answer the Questions to Create Articles

Now go question by question and answer each one. The key here is to only answer the specific question and do so as concisely as you can. Each answer should be less than 150 words and often only about 50 words. Answer the question directly and don’t feel you have to give background information or expand on the answer. The idea is to give the reader the exact information he or she wanted. If that reader feels he needs more information, then he can continue reading the other answers on the page, or click the link to your website. 

With each question worded differently, you will find it easier to write a unique answer to each question even if the question and answer is much the same as others. The variety of questions and wording can really help with writing unique content, which is considered good SEO practice. Also, use the question in the answer to help word each answer differently.

An Example

A website on fish could generate such questions as:

“how many fish can you put in a 55 gallon tank”

“how many tropical fish in a 55 gallon”

“27 gallon tank for how many fish”

“fish to put in tank”

“how many zebrafish can you put in a 20 gallon tank”

These questions all ask the same basic question, but because they are very specific, you can easily give a specific and different answer to each question. You now have unique content that is informative. Answer 10 such questions and you can end up with two or three articles.

Creating the Articles

Once you’ve answered each question, it’s time to organize. If you have a lot of questions, you may need to print out your work to help you see what you have. Combine sets of questions to make individual articles that are about 500 words each. The questions and answers in each article should not be repetitive. Combine sets of questions and answers that are about the same topic and fit well together.

After writing and organizing your questions and answers, you can then fix the grammar and spelling of the search generated questions. Don’t change the wording any more than is necessary. You want to preserve the searched keywords as best you can.

Once finished, you may be surprised at how many articles you have completed. A single website with 1,000 visitors a month can easily generate 40-50 usable questions to work with. With a couple of hours of work, you can end up with 10 unique 400 to 500 word articles. Title the article with “Your Common Questions About X Answered” and other variations and you’re done. If you end up with a few straggler questions and answers that didn’t fit in any of the full articles, use those to post to short backlink websites.

With this tactic, you know you will be providing valuable information because someone asked for it. And keeping each answer short and to the point will make it easy article marketing for you.

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