Do you want easy backlinks ? I will show you step-by-step how you can setup a simple blog on highly popular blog platform that will post backlink to your articles on autopilot.

I will try and explain as simple as possible - step-by-step. Everyone should and can understand what we are trying to accomplish here.

In five minutes you should have a new blog up and running with backlinks to your articles on autopilot.

Let's get started......

Things You Will Need

The only thing you need is your Info Barrel RSS feed and five minutes of your time.

Step 1

Go to

1. Enter your Email address.
2. Choose a password.
3. Enter your desired url. Think twice how you want to call it!

Step 2

You will imediatelly be taken to your new tumblr. blog. Skip the first blog post.

1. Enter your Blog name - you can change that later.
2. To go straight to your customisation area just close all windows - you can always browse through tumblr. options later.
3. Now you are on your tumblr. Dashboard.
4. Click on Customise in the right sidebar.

Step 3

You are now in the Customisation area of your tumblr. blog.

1. Click on Services in the top menu.
2. Browse down to RSS options - you will see : "Automatically import my..."
3. Choose RSS feed | as Links or Links with summaries - whichever you prefer ;)
4. Do you remember Things You Will Need section in this article ?

If you don't have it go to Step 4, otherwise skip to Step 5

Step 4

Your Info Barrel RSS feed. Go to Info Barrel!

1. Click on My InfoBarrel in the top Menu
2. Now copy your User url - this is how it should look like :
3. Log Out and paste your User url into your browser.
4. Find orange RSS feed icon - My Subscriptions Feed.
5. Copy the url of your RSS feed.

Now you have your articles RSS feed address.

Step 5

It is time to enter your RSS feed address into your tumblr.

1. Paste or type your articles RSS feed address in the Feed URL field.
2. Click on Start importing your feed button.

You are done :)

From now on you will have all your latest articles submitted to InfoBarrel automatically appear on your tumblr. blog also. This is backlinks on autopilot :)

Tips & Warnings

Make sure to read about feeds on tumblr.

tumblr. only imports recent articles so be fast and make this asap ;)

A little tip : it is good if you once in a while publish some unique post on tumblr.

Another little tip : diversify a little and import feeds from elsewhere also ;)

Have any questions ? Post a comment below.