Once you've made the decision to refinish your basement, you begin to take a strange eye to detail. The truth is, there are all sorts of things a person doesn't think about when first deciding to remodel their basement; how to deal with the ceiling is one of them.

With beautiful walls in place and the furniture on its way, it's quite easy to forget the basement ceiling. While it's customary to put in ceiling tiles, it isn't the most attractive thing and it really does not suit most decor.

So what kinds of options do you have when dealing with your basement ceiling? What kind of basement ceiling ideas is out there that suit your taste? It's quite simple, my friend; pretty much anything you have within the rest of the house you can have down in the basement.

Whether you're concealing duct work or creating a mood the message is simple: it can be done. Lowered ceilings provide a more comfortable and intimate setting in some cases while concealing duct work or blemishes that would otherwise be visible.

Worried about access to those ducts? There are simple tiles that you can use that don't scream 1980s classroom. Are you interested in something different and like to do things out of the ordinary? Don't put it past yourself to be inventive and use siding as a ceiling material. Bead board is a great way to be unusual and different, but still classy.

Box it in! Creating a multilevel ceiling is simple when your duct work spans the perimeter of the room. Lower the ceiling throughout the perimeter and create a focus in the center of the room with a higher ceiling and some pot lights.

Create false windows. Although this isn't necessarily a ceiling idea, it is relevant. Creating a false window is a great way to make you feel like you're above ground when you might not really be. In combination with a rounded ceiling, everything will flow together nicely.

Create architectural details by adding false beams and interesting details. Paint can make all the difference on a ceiling. Sometimes all it takes is a good paint treatment on the ceiling to make a room feel bigger, bright, and just plain better.

Finally, the industrial look is in nowadays, so why not just throw some paint on that unsightly duct work. Camouflage is used in every aspect of life from the clothing we wear to the paint treatments we use.

Painting your duct work all one color like black or chrome silver is a great way to keep the industrial look with your modern furniture without sacrificing gobs of money for drywall.

Any way you slice it, these are just a few of many ideas. As previously stated, you can basically do anything to a basement ceiling you would do to your normal ceilings – and then some.

In some cases, you wouldn't be able to raise your ceiling or wouldn't want to lower it to create an architectural feature. Finishing a basement means it's an idea that's truly your own.