One of the hardest parts of your toddler's upcoming birthday is to think up a birthday party idea that has not been done to death. There are thousands of toddler princess and Sponge Bob birthday parties out there that it seems no one seems to have any original birthday party ideas for toddlers. Most parents choose these go to toddler birthday party ideas because they are easy to. This year make your toddler's birthday something new and exciting with these easy birthday party ideas.

Zoo Theme

Every toddler loves animals. They also love trips to the zoo. Use this for an easy toddler birthday party idea of making your child's party into a zoo. You can use pictures of animals to decorate the party area. Make sure that you post signs that say,"Please do not feed the animals". An activity that you can do for this birthday party idea is to do face painting of the children. Have each child pick out their favorite zoo animal and let them become it.

Medieval Theme

It seems that every little girl wants to have the pretty pink princess party. Why not use one of the lesser know birthday party ideas of having a medieval theme? The girls can dress in long dresses and the boys can pretend to be knights. Serve food that has to be eaten by hand because there were no utensils in medieval times.

Tea Party

This is one of the toddler birthday party ideas that is mostly for girls. You can let the girls get dressed up and wear pretty hats. Serve finger sandwiches and juice for their tea party. Decorate the area with beautiful flowers and have each place set with special place cards for each child. The little ones will feel all grown up at this birthday party.