Are you looking for an easy cash advance? If so, do you know what all of your option are? Even if you think you do know all of your options, there is a good chance that there are one or two that you haven't thought about. This post is for anyone in this situation, or who has never taken out easy cash advances before.

Option Number 1 - Cash Advance from a Payday Lender
Basically, the terms 'fast cash advance' and payday loan are synonymous. These loans are fairly easy to understand. They are short-term, high cost loans that are meant to get your through just until payday. Sadly, even though they are easy to understand, many people still don't use them properly. Because the rates are so extremely high (average APR's run above 450% all the way to 900% or so), you have to use them right - otherwise you will find yourself getting whacked financially from both a credit score and a cost perspective. If you decide to go this route with your cash advance loan, then remember to do the following (all are absolute MUST-DO'S if you don't want to get yourself financially hurt):

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  1. Take out the minimum amount that you need
  2. Only take out any money if it is an absolute emergency (not for vacations, tv's, etc.)
  3. Pay the loan off on time - no exceptions to the one
  4. Do everything possible to not take out the loan again
All of these must-do's stem from the fact that these are the most expensive type of financing available. However, they are available to everyone, even bad credit borrowers, and they are fast. In most cases you can get your cash same-day, or at least by the next business day. In addition, they offer anything from 500 dollar loans to 5000 loans, although most are for a 1500 loan or less.

Option Number 2 - Title Loans

Title loans are also a form of cash advances. However, I recommend against these loans simply for one fact - they are a type of secured loan, meaning that you have to pledge an asset as collateral in case you default on the loan...which is your car. In case you run into any problems, losing your car will only compound those issues by a factor of 10, which is why I'm not a huge fan of these types of easy cash advances.

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Finally, you need to decide where to get your loan. Many companies offer an easy cash advance online as one of your options. However, be careful with this option. It's great in terms of how quickly you can get your money, and how you don't have to even leave your home. However, with an easy online cash advance you give them the right to go and take money directly out of your account...of course this isn't necessarily bad, but it does mean that you have to pay it off in time (which is a must-do anyways), otherwise you will have problems.