When it comes to the holiday season, it seems that you everyone has a never ending list of people that they need to shop for. If you work in a large office, you will probably feel this way more then most. Coming up with Christmas gift ideas for all of your coworkers can seem like a daunting task when you first think about it. However, it is time to make it much simpler.

This list of easy Christmas gift ideas for coworkers is going to make shopping a breeze for you this year. All you have to do is to choose one or two and you will be full of holiday cheer.

Number One: Stocking with Candy

You can go to your local dollar store or other discount store and buy inexpensive little red and white stockings. These are the size that would fit a couple of pieces of candy in them. Put some chocolates and do not forget the candy cane and this Christmas gift idea is already to go.

Number Two: Mugs with Tea Bags or Hot Coco

Sitting around the office, you are going to begin to notice what types of warm beverages that your coworkers enjoy. You can get dollar store mugs and place a few tea bags, hot coco, or even instant coffee packs in them to make a great present.

Number Three: Movie Night In

Gone might be the days of most movie rental stores. However, you can still use this easy Christmas gift idea. You can purchase a Visa gift card for an amount that your coworkers can then use to rent a DVD from one of those Red Box rentals. Add a bag of microwave popcorn and you are getting them all set for a great movie night.

Number Four: Baked Goods

Can you cook or bake? Feeding the troops in at work is always a good idea. You can do individually wrapped treats or bring in a tray of pastries for breakfast one morning.

Number Five: Homemade Snowmen

You can get the children involved in this Christmas gift idea. Glue together white Styrofoam balls and then add accessories to them to make them look like snowmen. You can file down the bottom of your creation so that he will sit nicely on a desk.

Number Six: Lottery Tickets

There are many different price points that you can go with depending on how many that you need to buy. This can be perfect for the ladies at the office.

Number Seven: Spa Baskets

Do not be tempted to jump over this one because you think that it will cost too much. The truth is that many dollar stores have some great scented bath products that you can create a mini spa basket with for a present.

Number Eight: Name Plates

If you are a bit artistic, you can make hanging name plates as one of your Christmas gift ideas. These would work great so that everyone can hang them on the outside of their cubicle.

Number Nine: Unique Pens

Every day at work, you use the same boring pen. Why not get everyone some unique pens for this holiday season? You can find ones with snowmen on them or even pink fur. The crazier the better.

Number Ten:

When all else does not sound just right for Christmas gift ideas for coworkers, you can always get them a much appreciated gift card to the local coffee shop.