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A Quick and Easy Corn Chowder Recipe

You are going to love this easy corn chowder recipe. Not only is it totally delicious, it is quick to make, and it can be made with ingredients you usually have on hand. Easy corn chowder recipe is the answer to ‘what’s for supper’ at my house on Sunday nights. After eating a large meal in the middle of the day, this easy corn chowder recipe is just right for an evening snack.

Add this delicious easy corn chowder recipe to your menu list for holiday meals. It is a particularly good addition to the Thanksgiving Day meal. If you need more than this easy corn chowder recipe makes – no problem; just double or triple it to make a larger quantity.

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Use this easy corn chowder recipe in the summer, too. It is a great way to use extra fresh corn-on-the-cob from the garden. Replace the canned creamed-corn with about one and one-half cups of fresh corn-on-the-cob, cut off the cob, and add it when you add the potatoes. (Depending on how juicy the kernels are you may need to add a little more milk.)

And if you have vegetarians in your family, they will enjoy this easy corn chowder recipe, too. Simply leave out the bacon, and use butter to sauté the onions.

Gather the ingredients to make this easy corn chowder recipe.

5 slices of bacon

1 medium onion - sliced and separated into rings

2 medium potatoes - diced

½ cup of water

1 can creamed-corn, 14.75 ounce can

2 cups milk

1 tsp. salt

dash of pepper

butter or margarine

Let’s Cook!

Place the bacon in a three-quart saucepan, and cook it until it is crisp. (I use a large saucepan so I will only have one pan to wash. Cut the bacon slices in half so they will fit better in the saucepan.) Remove the bacon from the pan, drain on paper towels, crumble, and set aside. Reserve three tablespoons of bacon drippings in the saucepan. 

Add onion slices to the saucepan, and cook until lightly browned.

Add diced potatoes and water to the onions in the pan. Cook over medium heat until the potatoes are tender, 10 to 15 minutes.

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Add the creamed-corn, milk, salt, and pepper; cook until heated through. While this is heating, stir often.

Serve topped with the crumbled bacon and a pat of butter. Another way to serve this easy corn chowder recipe is in bread bowls.

In Closing

Easy corn chowder recipe makes a great addition to any meal. And if you have unexpected guests for dinner, pull out the easy corn chowder recipe, and make it to extend and/or dress up your dinner. And since the ingredients are typically items we have on hand, it is a quick fix. Two other recipes you might enjoy, that can be made from ingredients kept on hand, are salmon cakes and cream chipped beef. Canned salmon and dried beef, packaged in jars, are great items to have on the pantry shelf, too, for emergencies.

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I hope this easy corn chowder recipe will become one of your favorite recipes, too.


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