Easy Costume Ideas-Costumes That Are Simple To Create

There are many costumes that are really easy to make, but unfortunately not all of them can be considered good costumes; some of them are not funny, some simply look thrown together, and others are just not effective as costumes. However, other easy costume ideas are absolutely amazing in that they make everybody laugh, look great, and do not take that much time to create. There is a sense of accomplishment that comes along with using one of the easy costume ideas that take a mere 30 minutes to create, and having people feel the same way about it as another person's costume that took 6 hours to create; it is simply an amazing feat. The amazing thing about the easy costume ideas that are featured in this article are that they all meet this criteria; they take very little time to create, and are just as effective as the costumes that take days of preparation and execution to create. Use any of the easy costume ideas that are featured in this article, and you will surely be completely satisfied with the results of something that took minimal time to create!

An Ear Cleaning Q-Tip

There is nothing as easy as creating a costume out of the object that you use to clean your ears. The Q-tip is one of the easy costume ideas because the object itself is really simple; it would only follow that the costume would be rather simple to create. To create this costume all that you would need aside from your regular clothes are blue pants, a blue shirt, a hat, and a ton of cotton balls. This is one of the easy costume ideas because it simply required you to glue the cotton balls on to the hat and shoes that you have chosen, and ensure that your pants and shirt are blue. When dressed up you should look exactly like a human sized Q-tip; a blue stick with cotton swabs at the top and bottom!

A Golfing Hole-In-One

This costume is by far the easiest out of all of the easy costume ideas; it can be created in less than 10 minutes, and requires minimal material. All that is required is a large piece of cardboard, a pair of scissors, and a piece of string. You should trace and cut a large number 1 into the piece of cardboard; the cut-out should roughly be large enough to reach from your chin to your waistline. Once you have cut out the number, you should cut a noticeably large hole in the center of the number 1. The next step involves displaying the cut-out on yourself; there are many ways to do this, and it is entirely up to your personal preference. Some options are hanging the number around your neck with the string, using the string to tie the number around your stomach, and gluing the number to your shirt; the effect of the costume will remain the same no matter which method that you choose. A hole-in-one is a great costume and is on this list of easy costume ideas because it can be created quicker than any other effective costume!

A Golf Tee

This is one of the funniest easy costume ideas to go about creating because it increases the size of the object exponentially. A golf tee is typically about 2 inches tall; however, the costume that you will be creating will portray a golf tee as being about 60 inches tall! It is rather easy to make, and all that you need is a golf ball, and something to secure that golf ball to your head. You must first decide upon what you will use to hold the golf ball on your head; some suggestions are a headband, bra strap, or hair tie. They will all have roughly the same effect on the overall costume, but the one that you choose should suit your personal preference. Once you have acquired this item, you should proceed to glue the golf ball onto it; super glue or krazy glue are recommended as they will do the best job at keeping the golf ball glued to the headband. Once all this has been done simply put the headband on your head, and you will have successfully created one of the easy costume ideas that have been featured in this article!

A Fluffy Cloud

Although this costume takes the longest time out of all of the easy costume ideas, it is the best looking by far. This costume will probably take between 2 and 3 hours to complete properly; however, it is still considered to be an easy costume because it will look professionally done and literally requires absolutely no skill! For this costume you can literally wear whatever clothes that you would like to, the only thing to remember is to choose old clothes that you do not mind ruining. Your goal is to glue as many cotton balls onto the clothes as you can; the more cotton balls that you use, the more effective the costume will be because you will look more like a fluffy cloud. You should glue the cotton balls on your shoes, shirt, pants, hat, and even gloves for the most convincing costume. Once all of the glueing has been done, you should simply put those clothes on and you will have effectively created one of the easy costume ideas that are in this list.

An Expired Product

This, just like the "Hole-In-One" costume, involves a simple cardboard cut-out that can be designed in absolutely any way that you want; for this reason of nearly unlimited creativity, this idea is featured in this article of easy costume ideas. To create this costume you should simply cut out a piece of cardboard in whatever shape that you would like, and write the words "Best Before:" and then a date that was sometime in the past. The amazing thing about this costume is that it can be designed in absolutely any way that you would like; you can choose to use any additional colors, shapes, pictures, and words that you desire. The ease of creativity that is used to create this costume allows it to be one of the easy costume ideas.

This article provides you with a list of easy costume ideas. These costumes can be created easier than most costumes that you will ever create, and are extremely effective in portraying the object or character that you would like them to. Some of these easy costume ideas may take 5 minutes to create, and other upwards of 3 hours; however, they are all easy enough to create that absolutely anybody can create them regardless of their skill level, knowledge, or creative ability. These can also prove to be useful if you are stuck on the morning of the party trying to find a costume; all of these easy costume ideas can be created for a party that is occurring that same night. All of these easy costume ideas will allow you to be completely satisfied with what you have created, and will have others complimenting you on your creation!