When submitting a resume, a cover letter needs to accompany it. The following is one of the many cover letters examples of what type of information needs to be given to a potential employer when applying for a job. Be sure to place your personal information at the top and the employer's details below that, not the other way around.

"Bob Smith123 Lane Anywhere, TN 98765 369-258-1478 bobsmith@myemail.com

8 March 2010

Richard PhoenixPaper Producers Inc.

456 BlvdSomewhere, TN 98745

Dear Mr. Phoenix:

In response to the ad that was placed in the Daily Times for Assistant Manager, please take the following into consideration:

Managed and directed plans of operation.

10 years of experience in managing paper production. Directed, coordinated, and planned the operations set into motion by more than 200 employees.

Handled resources, processes, and dealt with the public.

Processed a weekly publication on the happenings within the company. Met with other businesses that supplied resources to the company. Dealt with public affairs when necessary.

Developed reports provided to upper management.

Gathered proper assessments to devise multiple progress reports on production. Monitored staff and reported on each employee's level of achievement.

Trained incoming staff.

Devised programs administered to new employees. Reported on level reached, in order to determine proper placement in the company.

I look forward to meeting with you in person and discussing this position further. My resume was sent to the address you requested. The phone number listed above is where I may be contacted. Thank you for your consideration for this position.

Sincerely, Bob Smith"

It's a good idea to write a few cover letters examples of your own, just to get the general idea of how one should be set up. Also, writing more than one will provide you with some options to choose from when picking one to send along with your resume.