Crafty Idea for Halloween

Inexpensive and Fun!

We've all been there. It's 2 nights before Halloween, and your kiddo is without a costume. You run down to the nearest store, only to find the Halloween aisle picked through and with little options left for the big-night.  What to do? Here is a fun, fast, and easy Halloween outfit idea to get your kiddo trick-or-treat ready.


 Fruit trays are a great item and can be used as a turtle shell, or an armor.


-2 Large fruit trays--Pictured below
(the flat cardboard-like variety,  with dips as for large pears, or peaches) 

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-Green, White, Brown, Yellow, and/or Gold Paint
-White Glue

Step 1:  Paint the "turtle shell" -- One tray will be the front, and one will be the back, so make sure they differ. The back usually has more "spike-like" features, which you can imitate by painting some of the "mounds" on the back shell with a spot of yellow/gold on top, and some sequins for sparkle. The front likely is of a lighter shade than the back, without any spike-like features.. so add some white to lighten the green.

Step 2: Attach 2 felt straps that will affix the shells over your child's shoulders. After putting over your child's body, make a belt with ribbon that will keep the pieces held together at the sides.

Step 3: Now that the shell is complete, make a cool green headband with the felt, and decorate it as you wish with sequins. 

Step 4: Make sure your kiddo is wearing all green underneath the shell. Green socks over the hands will create nifty turtle paws. Put matching oversized green socks on his/her feet to complete the look.  Make sure they're large enough to pull up over his/her pants/nylons. You can even get super-crafty and create little "toes" on the ends of the socks by cutting triangle shapes and sewing them. This outfit can easily be made warm by using big oversized sweaters, and layers of cotton pants. Great for colder climates!

Have a fun and safe Halloween!