As the weather gets warmer, homeowners venture outside and begin assessing the state of their winter-barren landscaping. There is a nearly infinite number of do-it-yourself landscaping projects that the savvy homeowner can choose from, but picking easier projects will make your summer not only more beautiful, but more relaxing. The less time you spend on a project, the more time you'll have left to enjoy the results!

One of the easiest, and most often under-estimated, do-it-yourself landscaping projects a homeowner can do is mulching. Mulching not only enriches flower beds and gardens over time, by providing organic material that can break down into the soil, it helps prevent evaporation of moisture from the soil.

A nice layer of mulch also really brings the look of a bed together, and neatens it up visually while setting off plants and shrubbery nicely. Blooms and foliage look more colorful and full when set against a mulched background.

Another easy to do-it-yourself landscaping project is tree planting. If you can dig a hole, you can plant a tree, and adding shade or fruit trees to a home can increase its value and curb appeal tremendously. Be sure to choose a tree that won't overgrow the space you choose for it, and pick one that will do well in your planting zone; your local nursery can help you choose the right species.

Finally, consider adding a no-pond water feature to your landscape. No-pond water features don't require the catch-pond to store water, and therefore don't require the extensive excavating that other features will need. They also don't become a haven for mosquito larvae, as the water never has a chance to sit and become stagnant; a definite plus in warmer summer climates.

A homeowner wanting to tackle this do-it-yourself landscaping project can usually find a kit that contains everything he or she will need at the local DIY center or nursery. Simply follow the directions to install a lovely, relaxing water feature that you can enjoy for years to come.

Do-it-yourself landscaping projects don't have to be expensive, intensive, or complicated. There are an abundance of projects that can easily be done by the willing homeowner in these upcoming spring weekends; these projects will yield excellent results and increase your enjoyment – and your home's curb appeal and value – for many seasons to come.