Training your dog doesn't have to be difficult if you follow some easy dog training methods that you can implement gradually. Teaching a dog how to behave both in your house and in society is essential. There are plenty of dog training methods on the Internet, some completely useless some very good, however if you want to know some quick easy dog training tips keep reading.

First you have to understand how dogs think. This is absolutely crucial if you want a well behaved, obedient dog. Dogs are herd animals and thus think in a very hierarchical way. It's quite simple, as its owner if you don't position yourself as the "chief of the herd" than your dog will take this position. From little you need to make your pup understand who is the boss, quite literally. There are various ways to achieve that.

Easy dog training tip one: do not give your dog its food first before you yourself have finished eating. In the herd, the alpha dog eats first and only then the others eat whatever is left. If you give its food first your dog will literally think "hey, they treat me like the boss therefore I am the boss."

Easy dog training tip two: following the same line of thought, when going out for a walk don't let your dog walk out in front of you. This also means to him that he his the leader. How many times have you seen dog owners pulled by their dogs? It's their dog who is taking them out for a walk. This shouldn't happen. You have to teach your dog to walk by your side.

Easy dog training tip three: be nice but firm. Like in real life, be too nice and you'll get walked over. This helps keep the dog in check. Make it very clear when the dog makes a mistake or displays a nefarious behavior. You need to set up a vocabulary for popular commands from the start and not deviate on it. Choose words for the commands sit, stay, don't and such. It can be any word as long as it is short and can be said in a stern voice.

Easy dog training tip four: on the flip side, if your dog responds successfully to your commands you should reward him especially in the beginning. That's how the dog understands that how he reacted to your input was what you wanted. When first teaching your dog to obey you can use food to reinforce good behaviors. As time goes by, you can gradually substitute treats for a simple pat on the head and a few nice words said in a soft tone.

This few simple pieces of advice should get you started on the right foot. There are plenty of dog training websites out there. You just have to chose a quality one, hint hint. Seriously though easy dog training is all about making your dog understand who is the boss, once you do that things become that much easier.