Finding easy duct tape crafts for kids to do, is as close as a book or Youtube!

This tape was used in the second world war to keep ammunition boxes dry and dampness out.  Who knew that all these years later it would come away from that simple gray colour to all the vibrant colours you can get on the market today.

You can even get Justin Bieber Tape!  Now how cool would that be on a homemade purse or craft.Justin Bieber Duct TapeCredit:

Some of the simplest ways to extend the life of an old binder was to use this tape, but now you can actually create flexible “fabric” from this amazing product to create purses, bags, pillows, wallets and more that last.

There are so many different colours and patterns on the market now, the ideas are endless as to what it can be used for.  It is very strong and when stuck together to create a fabric, it can take a beating, and also wipe clean and has a soft yet flexible feel to it.

Arts and Crafts – Fast Purse

If you or your teen needs a fast purse or bag to carry, then check this quick project out. 

To Make the Basic Tape Fabric You will need:

10 strips of duct tape in your preferred colour about 14 inches long (approx measurements as it will get trimmed to size) Hint:  Lay a ruler down on your work surface and measure against it.


Simply lay the first strip sticky side up, then the second piece just slightly overlapping and so on.  This is one side of your fabric.  Now take the next 5 pieces and you will now being to lay them on top of the sticky side.

Once you have the sticky side covered, you now have your fabric and it will most likely need trimming at the sides to make it even.

You then take this square and fold it in half and then tape the sides.  You now have a quick purse or lunch bag to be decorated with other colours of tape.  The book below has all kinds of cool projects to try.

You can add a simple handle, or get more intricate and braid a handle using the tape.

Check out the video below to see just how to make the tape fabric, and then the purse.

Easy Duct Tape Crafts for KidsCredit:

If you are looking for crafts that have more detail and really look like art, then you should check out this book.  Just Duct Tape it.

It has very detailed projects, that have got great reviews and this would make a great gift for a teen.

You could get the book and then shop online for different patterned tapes.  You can not only get them in solid colours but also in many patterns including zebra striping which could be really fun.

Get a large plastic container to hold all the supplies including scissors and a ruler and then wrap for a great gift idea.  What a great way to get the imagination going and create all kinds of things that your kids or teens can use.  Once they see all the patterns you can get they will go wild with projects and crafts.

You can still use it to recover binders, and just tape it over, but why not check out all the other great craft ideas.

Fast Purse