It is a rather frustrating thing, to find that in midst of vacuuming your carpets, that your vacuum cleaner has decided not to pick up the unwanted mess on your floors. Many times, it is a simple as performing simple maintenance, cleaning your filter, or adjusting the brush bar and making sure it is clean.

Dyson vacuum repair, can be as simple as logging onto their website, clicking on the support tab, and getting specific instructions for the model you purchased, however, here are some general repair and maintenance tips to help you keep your Dyson vacuum cleaner in tip top shape.

Sometimes when your vacuum cleaner is not cleaning in the way that should, it is a simple as making sure the machine itself is clean. It is very important to make sure you have emptied the clear bin, because if that is full, then your vacuum cannot pick up any more unwanted items on your carpet.

Make sure that your machine is turned off and unplugged. Then, remove the clean bin assembly by pressing the button on top of the carry handle. Wipe down the outside of the bin with a damp cloth, then put the bin in bag and release the trigger to let the dust and dirt out, then reinsert the bin into your vacuum cleaner.

Have you ever finished vacuuming and felt like nothing was really accomplished? That's is probably because you need to clean your filter. This is one of the most common Dyson vacuum cleaner repair problems that arises.

Cleaning your filter is really very simple. Again, make sure the machine is off and unplugged. Press the release button and remove the filter housing from the machine.

Remove the filter from the housing, and wash the filter in cold water until the water runs clean. You should do this every six months to make sure your machine is functioning properly.

When it is not the clean bin, and it is not the filter, many times it is the brush-bar. Make sure the plunger is not sticking, then undo the sole plate fasteners and remove the soleplate from the mini turbine head. Remove the brush bars and clear them of debris and thread.

Check both metal shafts and make sure they are free of blockages, also inspect the duct behind the brush-bar for blockages. Put the brush-bars back, and test your machine to find out if that was what was causing your problem.

Remember that blockages are not covered under your warranty, so it is a really good idea to check before you take it in for repair. Dyson vacuum repair, can be very simple to do yourself in your own home.

It mostly requires that you clean and maintain your machine. If, however, your vacuum issues are not being solved by these tips, then it is a good idea to get support over the phone or from the website, or to take your vacuum to nearest Dyson dealer and have them inspect it for you.

With the proper maintenance and care, your Dyson vacuum cleaner should run properly, and keep your home clean and dust free.