Easy Easter Party Games and Ideas

Here are some fun party ideas to celebrate Easter. Some are geared for smaller children, but most are great for all ages!

Easter Egg Hunt

Hide plastic Easter eggs inside or outside your home. Make sure you have a variety of colors. Assign each color a certain prize. Ex. pink – candy, blue – stickers, green – money, etc… Give party guests bags or baskets to put their eggs in as they find them.

Afterwards, guests should go to a designated area to redeem their prizes.

The egg toss can also be done with hard boiled eggs, but where's the fun in that? =)

Egg on Spoon Relay Race

This is your typical relay race. Have a start and finish line. Divide guests into teams. Give each person a spoon and an egg. They must balance the egg on the spoon and run to the finish line without dropping the egg.

Variations: Instead of a finish line, place a marker at a certain distance in front of each team. Team members should run around the marker and back to the start. Instead of holding the spoon in their hand, they can hold the spoon in their mouths!

Easter Egg Riddle Match

Draw or print out blank egg shapes. Write the beginning of a riddle on one half of the egg (Why did the Easter Egg hide?) and the answer to the riddle on the other half of the egg (Because he was a little chicken). Cut the egg in half. Randomly distribute egg halves to guests. They must walk around and find their match! This could be a game in itself or can be used to pair up guests for another game.

Variation: To make it more difficult, you can cut the eggs in half using a jagged line so that it's more like a puzzle.

Egg Toss

Use raw eggs to have an egg toss. Have partners line up across from one another, toss the egg, and keeping moving further apart. Whoever is left with a whole egg is the winner! This could get really messy, so have some wet wipes and paper towels on hand for clean up. You might want to warn guests to wear clothing they don't mind getting dirty. Of course, you can always use hardboiled eggs too.

Pin the Tail on the Rabbit

Just like the Donkey.

easter party food


Deviled eggs (the eggs can be dyed different colors before filing them!), egg salad, or potato salad.

Frosted sugar cookies cut out in egg or rabbit shapes – guests can have fun decorating their own cookie!

Cupcakes with pastel colored frosting and decorated with Easter candy like jellybeans or Peeps.


Check your local dollar store for some cheap decorations.

Decorate the food table with a bright, springy bouquet.

Use light pastel colors for napkins, cups, and plasticware.

Place bowls or baskets of dyed Easter eggs around the room.

Hang colorful plastic Easter eggs from a tree in your yard.

Reminder: Easter is a special time to remember the resurrection of our Savior. While Easter parties are fun ways to entertain guests, don't forget to share the true meaning of the holiday with others!

Stock up on Easter supplies after Easter so you're prepared for next year! You can get good deals this way and save money.