Getting Rid of the Excuses for Not Exercising

Getting Started

Gym memberships are expensive.  Travel time to and from the gym adds up in a busy day.  Exercising at a gym offers up intimidation when surrounded by the fitness groupies.  Volumes await writing on all the reasons to not exercise and why it just is not possible.  You want to stay fit though.  What is the solution?

Look no further than walking as a great starting point.Walking(50298)

Walking stands out as the first exercise recommended by doctors urging their patients to get up off the couch and move.  The words “no brainer” could describe the power of walking whether at home or at work.  Recommendations from health specialists suggest a person take ten thousand steps a day.  Although many other exercises exist, arguably walking deserves the spotlight as the first thought when someone desires a bit more movement in their daily routine.  No special equipment begs for purchasing   except  a good pair of walking shoes. Buying  a  pedometer to keep track of those steps taken helps,  that certainly is not required.  

Oh sure, one could buy a treadmill, but weather permitting, most find that the time is better passed walking out in the real world and taking in the outdoors.  If the weather does not allow an outside excursion, many shopping malls now urge mall walkers to make use of their facilities.  Stop there on the way home and have a fast paced stroll. 

Boredom can set in.  Grab an iPod or Smart Phone.  Load music specifically to the beat of how fast you wish to walk.  Specific albums, paced  to different beats to keep a certain controlled miles per hour,  are wonderful.  Strutting to the music helps!  Loading an audio book of high interest works beautifully too.  Only listen to the book while walking.  Who knows, you might even start looking forward to the walk to continue the great read!

What about other exercises qualifying for good use at home?  Here is a “different” thought, but one that works for me.  While I watch my favorite television shows or even the news, I make it a point to do floor exercises.  I purchased a couple of good exercise DVDs and loaded them to my laptop.  I exercised using the DVDs a couple of times giving the exercises my full attention.  Then, I just play the DVD where I can see it while my favorite shows are on.  With the volume turned off on the computer, I glance at the screen merely to guide me in the exercises.  I get at least thirty minutes of exercise a day using this approach.  As non-traditional as this might sound, it avoids the boredom that can go with exercise for me.  My favorite DVDs are Pilates and “walk in place” Weight Loss Stories but a plethora of quality DVDs exist and are relatively easy to find in stores or online.

As far as exercising at work, exercises to do at a desk certainly help in the master plan and are easy to find.  Think beyond the desk.  Park the furthest distance possible from the entrance. Take the stairs and not the elevator.  Stand when possible versus sitting.  Remember to get in those ten thousand steps!  Taking a walk during  lunch works to get those steps in as well.

Weight training and other forms of exercise shine as outstanding possibilities for getting fit too.  Should you be someone just getting into the exercise thought process, give walking a try as a starting point.  Have fun with it and think of the huge favor that you are doing your heart and body.