If you've always wanted to be the proud owner of an exotic animal, exotic pet
adoption is a great way to add a special member to your family. Of course there are a few important things you'll want to think about before deciding on one certain type of animal to adopt.

First, think of all the exotic animals that you've ever thought of owning, then do plenty of research before making any commitments. It's imperative that you'll be able to care for this animal, so you'll want to make sure you have everything necessary before bringing your new pet home.

Not only will this help your animal feel more comfortable, making their move to their new home less stressful, but you'll feel better about giving them everything they need to be happy and healthy.

After you've purchased the specific food your pet will need, their cage, or any other special equipment needed, you'll then have to be sure you've found a veterinarian who is willing and also qualified to treat your type of pet. Now it's time to begin your search to find the perfect exotic pet to adopt.

A good place to begin your adoption search is an exotic pet rescue or shelter. Many people are surprised to learn there are several of these shelters all over the United States. Besides giving an animal a good home, these pets will have been well cared for and immunized while in the shelter or by their previous owners.

Sadly, most of the animals in shelters are from people who discovered they couldn't care for their exotic pet and had to give them up for adoption. A lot of them may already be adults, which could be a positive thing, depending on the type of animal and what you're looking for in a pet.

If you're interested in adopting a rarer exotic pet, an animal rescue may not have what you're looking for, in which case you'll want to consider a breeder. Visit each breeder to see how the animals live, how they're cared for, and if they're well socialized.

Also ask to see the parents of the animal, if possible, and make sure every animal on the premises looks healthy and happy. Expect any reputable breeder to ask you plenty of question as well to be sure you're prepared and able to take care of their animals the way they deserve and are accustomed to.

If you have the opportunity to buy an exotic pet from someone you know or from a classified advertisement, just be sure you have all the facts about the animals, such as their health history or any specific behavioral concerns.

If possible, visit the animal in their current home to see how they live and interact with their current owner. The owner should also give you their veterinary records and alert you of any special conditions they may have, or medications they might need.

Unfortunately, pet stores are often the worst places to adopt an exotic animal. Some may be kept in unhealthy conditions, or it could be difficult to find out the true age of the animal, or learn anything about their past history.

Also, some stores may be more eager to make a sale than they are to learn anything about the animals they're selling and how to care for them properly.

Although it may take some time and patience to find the perfect pet for you, exotic pet adoption is a reward that's well worth the wait.