Is This You?

Are you getting to the point where digestion is becoming a major issue? I have all the simple tricks to solve it! Simply its the way you eat your foods, or what foods you are eating. If you adapt to this lifestyle of eating, I assure you, you'll also drop a few extra unwanted pounds.

People always tell you to eat beans. They're good for the heart. Well they never said which type of beans are good for what. Aduki beans are an excellent source, high in nutrients low in calorie. They call this bean "The Weight Loss Bean". This bean has exceptionally high levels of fiber, vitamin b, and it acts as a natural diuretic to relieve the body of excess fluids! It also removes unwanted mucus, congestion and stools, burns fat, and balances metabolism for weight loss! Does this not seem like a great bean? They also have another great bean, the Mung bean. They like to call this bean "The Detox Bean". They use this one to treat gastrointestinal ulcers and urinary problems. You can never go wrong with a liver cleansing! There are many other beans out there, I just recommend these for digestion issues having suffered from it myself.

People often do food combining, which means when you want to get all of those servings in, you just make a meal using every one of those food groups. This may have a lot to do with your digestion issues actually! Never eat grain with dairy or meat. It will produce unwanted gas and lead to digestion issues. Fruit ALWAYS needs being eaten by itself. Not on a salad, not a peanut butter banana sandwich. It always needs being alone. If it's not it will creat gas.

Now for the hard part, you're going to have to cut out the nastiest things. Coffee, tea, cookies, that slice of pizza you eat every Friday night while watching sports. These all have acidic components in them that lead to gastrointestinal issues. I honestly think if you cut them out you'll not only get rid of gas and digestion problems, you'll just feel 10 times sexier and healthier!

Here are some good foods that can replace the bad: Peaches, did you know they have a high water content and have the laxative effect. Peaches are one of the best energy fruits! They're great for eliminating toxins in the body and are a good food to eat on a weight loss program. Flax Seed, they contain your essential fatty acids. They also are great for digestion. We already talked about beans, but never forget about Mung Beans!

Constipation An Issue, Too?

If this is an issue for you, look no further. I have all your answers right here! Reduce your dairy products, meats, saturated fats, spicy foods, sugars, and teas. Increase fresh fruits, greens, sprouted seeds, whole grains, have plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids, eat slowly and liquify your foods, and exercise moderately.

If you try these things and they're not working out, eat raw sauerkraut, take flax-seed or pumpkin seed, and one digestive enzyme supplement with every meal.

Teas, I have said cut out your teas, but here are some great teas for constipation that have no caffeine. Nettle Tea: 3 cups daily is a great bowel opener! Slippery elm is another good tea for you to try!

Drink water 20-25 minutes before every meal! Do not drink liquids with your meals. Do not eat late, the stomach fluids at night are at its weakest! You will end up with indigestion and not absorb any nutrients!

Cut out all fizzy sodas and drinks. These are not good for your liver. Doing such things will give you indigestion! Drink waters and juices! Fruits are good to stimulate energy to the liver. Especially darker grapes! Remember, always eat fruit alone!

One Day Detox (To Easy To Pass Up)

You may not want to try this out, but it'll only be beneficial to you! It's so easy. All you have to do is stay away from the following for one day: Coffee, Seafood, Sugar, Tea, Milk, Salt, Pepper, Cigarettes, Eggs, Carbonated beverages, Alcohol, Cheese, Fried foods, Red meat, Cooking oils, Commercial mayonnaise, Poultry, Bread, Mustard, and fish. Does that seem to hard for one day? No! It'll make you feel sexier, healthier, and all around better!

Now with these tips I've shared to you, don't forget to exercise!