For people who have a garage and have already lived in their house for a couple of years, the garage can either be a haven for storing things that can be an eyesore inside the house, or a tornado site with all the messy collections of things that have accumulated inside it throughout the years.

People who have already stayed in their house for a long time find it easy to just throw things they don't want inside their house or outside their carefully mowed gardens. However, simply throwing these things in the garage doesn't mean they are gone and the problem is solved.

For those who are looking for some good garage storage ideas to keep you more organized, here are some tips that anyone can follow. There are basically three major garage storage ideas that you can follow to make your garage look more like a part of your home instead of a jungle.

The first one among these is to get rid of the unnecessary things in the scene. Collections of old beer bottles from your college drinking years or boots that you've already overgrown should go straight to the garbage can.

Cutting down on the sentimentality is a big help but if you just can't let go of the thing why not try put it in the attic instead? Because being a pack rat is a big no-no for those who want to have a proper garage.

The second tip is to keep the things in your garage in smaller packages. Try to buy some boxes, garage shelves or cabinets that you can use to put Christmas decorations, soccer balls, and car tools with proper labels.

This way, whenever you decide to look for something, you can simply spot it without having to haul everything out in their proper places and making a mess instead.

The last of the garage storage ideas is to see the possible things that you can hang in the ceiling of your garage. A lot of things like bicycles, cords, and other tools can be hanged using inexpensive but safe hooks.

Somehow, anything that doesn't touch the ground doesn't look like a mess like those seen on the floor so hanging whatever you can hang can help add that vision of organization in your garage.

Follow these steps and see your garage design turn into something more appealing than just a room for your odds and ends.

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