A Simple but Great Recipe for Making your own Fresh Homemade Guacamole Dip

Ingredients: As with any recipe, fresh ingredients make fGuacamoleood taste better but other options are listed as substitutes below as well.

Avocados (4) - Be sure to get good, ripe avocados from the store. Gently squeeze the avocados, feeling for the ones that are slightly squishy but still firm. Not squishy at all means they are not ready, too squishy means they are past the ripe stage and starting to rot. I think the smaller avocados taste better than the great big ones but any ripe ones will work.

Salsa (1/3 cup) -  Use your favorite salsa. You could also substitute pico de gallo or chopped tomato and onions.

Lime Juice (one lime worth) - Fresh lime is best but you could use bottled as well.

Garlic Salt (lightly sprinkle to taste) - Fresh or crushed garlic can also be used along with kosher or table salt.


  • Cut the avocados in half long ways (so that the halves are symmetrical)
  • Remove the seed (see handy tip below)
  • slice the avocado with a knife and then scrap out with a spoon in to a bowl.
  • using a knife and fork mash/cut up avocado until desired consistency
  • add salsa and mix well
  • squeeze in lime juice and mix
  • sprinkle garlic salt to taste, stir well
  • enjoy!

Guacamole makes an excellent topper to burgers, sandwiches, tacos, fajitas, etc. Or, enjoy as guacamole dip, an appetizer with chips.
Removing the avocado seed
TIP: for removing the seed without cutting yourself or digging into the avocado meat.
After slicing, hold the avocado half that has the seed in it in the palm of one of your hands, seed facing out. Carefully chop down on the seed with your knife so that the knife blade cuts into the seed a little bit. Gently twist and remove the seed.

TIP: for keeping avocado or guacamole from turning brown.
As soon as you cut into an avocado, the air starts to turn the avocado brown. this isn't a problem if you plan on eating it right away but if you  plan on storing guacamole in the fridge you should keep the seed and put it back in the bowl as well as put plastic wrap over the top of the bowl. The plastic wrap keeps air from circulating and the seed will keep the guacamole fresher longer.

Do you have a tip to make this recipe even better? Please share it in the comments.


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