Playing the guitar does not mean you are limited to having to practice until you get good enough to play the complicated songs. There are plenty easy songs that are famous and crowd pleasers. The fact that you have options for easy songs will make playing the guitar more enjoyable.

Here are some famous easy guitar songs to allow you to play your favorite songs even when you are only a beginner. Included with the names of the songs are the cords so you can practice and perfect them.

1. House of the Rising Sun was made famous by The Animals and played by many other famous musicians. It is a classic tune that will get people singing along as you strum out the cords. It is a simple key in A minor with the cords Am C D Am E Am. Sounds almost too simple but you will be amazed how fast you will catch on to the song.

2. Freebird was a song made famous by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Start playing it and watch the crowd gather. Even if you mess up the solo at the end you still made a great impression. The song is in the key of G major with the cords for the main verses are GD/F# Em F C D. The chorus cycles through F C and D repeatedly. At the end of the song before the fast solo are G5 A#5 and C5 repeatedly.

3. Knockin On Heavens Door was made famous by Bob Dylan. This is another classic song loved by many. The key is in G minor with the cords G D Am7 repeated over and over.

4. Sympathy For the Devil was made famous by The Rolling Stone. The cords are EDA E throughout the song until the ending where it switches to B to E repeatedly.

5. For What Its Worth was made famous by Buffalo Springfield. This is another classic song that is very easy. The key is E major with the cords EAEA repeatedly.