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Happy Halloween; Where are The Cookies?

The saying goes “Necessity is the mother of invention,” but I say “A mother with a necessity can invent almost anything!” A number of years ago I received an unexpected telephone call from a PTA volunteer who was in charge of the baked good donations for my child’s school Fall Festival. Sounding a bit frazzled, she inquired about my “Halloween cookies.” Apparently this woman had collected all the donated baked goods and was getting ready to transport them to the festival. The first thing I thought was “What Halloween cookies?” Then it dawned on me that my darling child ‘forgot’ to tell me that she put my name down on some list at school and now I had to make a couple dozen cookies to help her class out. Trying to think fast, I told the woman that the cookies were not quite ready and I would be more than happy to drop them off at the festival myself within the next 30 to 45 minutes. With a pleasant “Thank you!” the woman hung up and I was left to figure out what to do.

“Oh no” I thought, “What can I do?” There was absolutely no way I could crank out several homemade cookies in the short time frame that I had. I started to look in my pantry and as I sorted through my food items, I came across some candy and cake decorating tubes with colored frosting.  The idea ‘light bulb’ went on in my head and I rushed to my local bakery and bought some fresh chocolate chip and chocolate cookies, then rushed back home.  I used my decorating tools to make some cute cookies and when I was finished I thought to myself, with a sigh of relief, “What easy Halloween cookies!”

A few minutes later, I was ready to take them to the festival, quick and easy! When I dropped off the cookies, a few of the people already at the Fall Festival commented on how cute they were. The next day, I received another telephone call from the woman in charge of the baked goods to let me know my cookies were a hit and sold out within the first hour!  While I couldn’t take all the credit, I was happy that I was able to fulfill my obligation and help the school out. I also had a long talk with my children about making sure they told me whenever they put my name down and volunteered me for anything!

Easy Halloween Cookies

Mummy Face


Mummy Face CookieCredit: Introspective Pics

Use chocolate cookies (homemade or store bought) as the base. Using white frosting start at the top of the cookie and go back and forth from one end to the next until you get to the end of the cookie. Use candy M&Ms or a dark colored frosting for the eyes.

 Jack-O-Lantern Face


Jack O Lantern Face CookieCredit: Introspective Pics

You can use homemade or store bought chocolate, chocolate chip, or any type of cookies and you can make them two ways:

The first is to use orange frosting and make two triangles for the eyes and then make a mouth.

The second is to use the orange frosting to cover the entire top of the cookie except for two triangles at the top for the eyes (you can also use chocolate M&Ms for the eyes) and a mouth shape at the bottom of the cookie.

Happy Halloween Cookies


Happy Halloween CookieCredit: Introspective Pics

You can use homemade or store bought chocolate, chocolate chip, or any kind of cookie. Then use white, orange and black frosting to make a ghost, a pumpkin and to write a Halloween message.


When you are strapped for time, these cookies will do the trick (or treat)!

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