Low Cost and Fast - These Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Women are also Environmentally Friendly

This Black-Eyed ‘P’ is One of Four Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for WomenCredit: Jeni10

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Women – Green Costumes That Still Allow You to Have a Spook-tacular Night

Mix a little green into your All Hallows’ Eve celebrations, with these eco-friendly easy Halloween costume ideas for women.

More than ever before, we’re learning the health, environmental, and financial benefits of going green. Everyday, we make efforts to focus our actions to meet these objectives. So, why shouldn’t eco-friendly concepts be included in our All Hallows’ Eve festivities?

If you’re wondering, ‘how can October 31 be eco-friendly', then read ahead, and discover these easy Halloween costume ideas for women. Since so much about All Hallows’ Eve revolves around ‘the perfect’ costumes, then these easy Halloween costume ideas for women is the perfect place to start.

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Women - You're Going Green!

For this first easy Halloween costume ideas for women, you’ll want to dress in a specific color, green, from head to toe. Wear green clothing, footwear, jewelry, accessories, etc. you already own.

After dressing in your green ensemble, and before heading out to spook the night away, take, and carry, as your ‘trick or treat’ sack, an empty, brown grocery bag. Bags from Whole Foods, a grocer known for their healthy, natural foods and cuisine, along with their green practices, make a wonderful choice.

Hey, when everyone asks who, or what, you are, tell them you’re a snazzy, hip gal who’s going green!

After the Halloween party, recycle, and give your paper bag, a new life, by performing other tasks. For example, Whole Foods paper bags make awesome totes for carrying books to and from the library.

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Women - Farmer's Daughter!

You probably already have a general idea of how to dress as the conventional farmer’s daughter. Jeans, or denim skirt, sexy plaid shirt, cowboy hat, and cowboy boots – they’re just a few of the accouterments. But there’s a unique twist on this easy Halloween costume ideas for women, farmer’s daughter style.

Cut several of the green and white USDA Organic symbols from cardboard food boxes. Dress in the farmer’s daughter attire of your choice, and tape the symbols all over your body.

And when a hunky young guy inquires who you are, tell him you’re an organic farmer’s daughter!

Once All Hallows’ Eve is over, you can recycle those round, cardboard discs, bearing the USDA Organic symbol, in your green curbside bin.

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Women - Be a Black-Eyed Pea!

Now, before you cry foul … or witch, this getup isn’t a replica of those cute, childlike pumpkin, carrot, pizza, hotdog, etc. costumes, which you dressed in back when you were nine years old. No, this one, while cute, is cute on a more trendy, and sophisticated, twenty/thirty something level. This third easy Halloween costume ideas for women, which is food related, is more conceptual than literal. And by literal, I mean that your body won’t be crammed into a giant hotdog in a bun!

Black-eyed peas, a member of the bean family, along with being associated with bringing good luck, if eaten on New Year’s Day, are also a staple of good, down-home, Southern cuisine. But you don’t have to be a Southerner (Although being a Southerner is fun!) to appreciate, and don, this unique bean getup.

Plan to wear an all black ensemble, which is to be the first play on black, as in the name implies, ‘black-eyed pea'. This is the perfect, recycling, use for that old black outfit, shoved into the back of your closet.

Next, you need to create the ‘P'. To provide the correct contrast, you’ll want to fabricate your ‘P’ from a source that’s white. For this, I like to make my ‘P’ from either an old white washcloth or hand towel, another recycling opportunity. Use either a marker, or free hand it, and cut your letter ‘P’ out. Then, after the spook-tacular festivities are over, you can wash this ‘P', like you would any washcloth, and save it for another Halloween celebration, another year.

Once you’ve decided on your appropriate black attire, and cut your ‘P’ out, you’ll need to take it, and gently sew it, using white thread, onto the top, blouse, sweater, etc. you’re wearing that evening. Make sure that what you choose for a top, can tolerate, without damage, having the ‘P’ sewn onto it. In other words, a black sweater, with a looser weave, would be a better foundation on which to sew your ‘P', than, say, a silk blouse would be.

Before you leave to haunt, and howl, for the night, you need to paint a black circle around one of your eyes. Since I typically wear black mascara, anyway, this is what I use to draw my circle. I wash my face, before applying, to ensure that I don’t contaminate my tube of mascara.

Word of caution:  while making your geometrically perfect circle, don’t get the mascara into your eye.

Voilà! You’re now a black-eyed pea!

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Women - Another Twist on That Whole Black-Eyed Guise ... .

For those girls, out there, who love flowers, and/or love to garden, this is the getup of your dreams.

Dress all in yellow, this time, and paint the same black circle around one eye.

You're that summer favorite, wildflower – the black-eyed Susan!

Any female can wear this final of my easy Halloween costume ideas for women, but it’s especially fun, and funny, when the lady’s named ‘Susan’.

Have a spook-tacular, frightfully fun, and howlingly haunted All Hallows’ Eve! Wear, with pride, one of these eco-friendly, easy Halloween costume ideas for women.