Homemade gifts are practical and fun to make. You can get creative and personal at the same time. You can make something unique, yet perfect for  a person. Handmade gifts show that the person took time to think of you specifically when making the gift. In this economy, these kinds of gifts can be better. They might take extra time, but they can save you money and still be nice gifts to give. There are several gift ideas that can be made easily and quickly.

Items like scarves, hats and clothing that have been handmade can be very nice and practical gifts. Even if you are a beginner when it comes to knitting or crocheting, you can still make some of these items. The Knifty Knitters Looms are becoming a very popular item to have for this reason. Even kids are learning to make nice hats, scarves and bags. You can even make baby blankets, dish cloths and many other useful things on these looms. Youtube has many great how to videos on this subject.

Baked goods are usually always appreciated. There are the things like cookies, cakes and candy for the person with the sweet tooth. There are items like bread, cheese balls and mixes for the person who might prefer something else to eat. Peanut butter cookies seem to be a favorite with anyone who isn't allergic to them. They are also easy to make. Take one cup sugar, one cup peanut butter and one egg. Mix them together in a mixing bowl. Take a tablespoon and scoop the dough out. Place the dough on the cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for eight to ten minutes. Make sure you preheat the oven first. 

Gifts in a jar can also be appreciated. There are many ideas for gifts in the jar. You can put the dry ingredients for a mix in the jar. Then include a pretty recipe card with the full recipe on how to make the item. For example if you want to make a cookie mix in the jar for chocolate chip cookies, you would include the dry ingredients such as chocolate chips, flour, sugar, etc. Then include the recipe for chocolate chip cookies. There are books with mix in the jar recipes. You can also find ideas online. Some other ideas are soup mix in a jar, bread in a jar, spice mix in a jar. You can get creative and put other things in the jar such as buttons. Then include a card with an easy craft idea using buttons. 

Gift baskets are always great gifts. You can buy them from the store, but it's more fun to make your own. You can make it very special with items specifically for the special person. There are many themes for gift baskets. The Movie Lover's Gift Basket is a nice idea. You can include a gift certificate to the person's favorite video store or include a favorite DVD in it. Then put easy snacks such as popcorn, candy and hot chocolate mix in it. The Romantic Gift Basket is a popular theme for any occasion. You can make soap and bath products or buy them to put in the gift basket. You can put some sparkling cider, snacks, romantic music and anything that may be great for a romantic evening in the basket. You may also want to include a gift certificate to a n ice place for dinner. You can also make a gift basket based on the person's hobbies such as a Golf Lover's Gift Basket, Traveler's Gift Basket, Music Lover's Gift Basket or Craft Lover's Gift Basket.

There are many easy gift ideas to make. You can make them by yourself or with other's. Mother's day, Father's day and Christmas are great times to bond with the kids by making easy handmade gifts with them. Whatever day you are celebrating , these gift ideas will be welcomed. It can be for a birthday or some other holiday or just a day to let the person know you appreciate them.