What is stopping you from replacing your old computer hard drive, when you can actually get an optimized PC performance with it?

When things just do not feel right anymore, you need to trust your instincts and do a hard drive replacement: buy a new hard disk and experience the same PC speed like it was in the first time.

A computer hard drive is actually one of the easiest PC peripherals to replace. You only have to loosen some screws, connect the disk to an electric hub inside the CPU, and that’s it.

That is how hard drive replacement looks like for a pro. But even if you are totally new to this, it does not mean that you have to find everything complicated. Just follow these steps and you are good to go on your own:

First, examine whether you really need a replacement. Perform a disk defragment process using your Windows and notice if there are any improvements with the speed of application or file loading.

If everything still takes forever to load, run a registry scan to check for errors. If all of these measures fail, and if you have been experiencing undesirable system performance more frequently than ever, it’s time.

Second, choose among the hard disk manufacturers according to your data disk needs. Do not buy a hard disk just because it looks good to the eyes—examine the specifications if you do not want to waste your money on another sluggish PC peripheral.

Choose a storage size that best fits your data needs. Hard disks range from 20 GB to 500 GB. If you are fond of saving games, applications and media content, choose a higher data capacity.

Third, get ready for some electrical stuff—prepare all the necessary tools to remove your old computer hard drive and replace it with a new one.

Shut down your computer and unplug the main outlet before touching anything. Do not touch the core of the hard disk.

Place it in a sealed, humid-free container. Position the new hard disk the way that it perfectly puts the screws in place with the tiny holes in the CPU. Connect the electrical supply for the hard disk, and you are good to go. See? Who knew hard drive replacement could be so easy?