Very often we suffer from small ailments which do not really require a visit to the General Practitioner. We can try and reduce the associated pain or irritation at home. Items which we generally have in the kitchen can be used to give immediate relief and first aid.


  1. For a blocked nose and cough -: Take some water in a vessel. Add coriander seeds , cumin seeds , turmeric, rock salt , ginger(crushed) , pepper(whole) and jaggery(or brown sugar).Some crushed pepper can also be added provided the drink does not become too spicy. Add some curry leaves also and boil till the quantity of water is halved. Drink hot. A few such cups right after a sore throat has started will bring it down to normal and in case of a cough – the phlegm is definitely loosened.
  2. To stop bleeding due to piles- Cut some pieces of radish. Squeeze juice out of it using a juicer. Drink the raw juice. A pinch of salt can be added. Juice from raw Bottle Gourd has the same effect with regard to piles.
  3. Constipation – The best remedy for this is to eat dishes made out of spinach. You will find relief the next day. If you can’t find spinach, any green leafy vegetable will do. You can make a salad with lots of salad leaves. Drinks lots of water. Sometimes, water therapy alone is sufficient to relieve constipation.
  4. Acidity – We have all experienced stomach acidity some time or the other-a burning sensation in the stomach. The quickest relief for this is to drink a glass of cold milk. This usually relieves symptoms very fast. Also drinking several glasses of water reduces the acidity.
  5. Calf Muscle Cramps – Eat a banana a day. Eggs and milk also help as this is caused due to calcium and mineral deficiencies.
  6. Help at home for Diabetes – 2-3 Bitter Gourds crushed to make juice or cut into small pieces and boiled with some salt. This can be made a part of everyday diet. Also, take some powdered fenugreek seeds and soak a tablespoonful of it overnight in half a glass of water. Filter and drink the water alone. Bitter gourds and fenugreek are known to help with diabetes.
  7. Minor Burns- For burns or scalds that you get when cooking – quickly wash with cold water and apply some turmeric paste. The turmeric paste also ensures that scars do not form. If the burns are due to oil, turmeric prevents the formation of boils.
  8. Urinary Tract Infection – Apart from drinking lots of water, drinking this concoction made with barley and milk helps a lot. Boil some barley seeds in water. Drain the water and add some milk and sugar to it. Stir and drink. Repeat this 3 to 4 times a day. The boiled barley can be re-used 2-3 times for extracting the barley water.
  9. Diarrhea – Loose stools which are a result of eating spicy foods or indigestion can be controlled by drinking this mixture – Take two tablespoonfuls of yogurt/curd in a cup and to this add a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds .Swallow the mixture as it is.
  10. Toothache – Unbearable tooth pain can be reduced by half if you gargle with warm saline water. Also clove oil application on the gums around the cavity will help alleviate pain.

 It is possible to get relief for minor health problems with these remedies. But, ailments that persist for more than a day or two or recur frequently require immediate medical attention.