It doesn't matter what a baby is dressed in on Halloween, they're going to be adorable. Although Halloween is a very big deal for many, most babies don't even know it's happening and wearing a complicated costume is not comfortable when in a reclining position can cause moodiness.

Although it's their first time celebrating this special event, homemade baby halloween costumes have many advantages over store bought; beyond the cost, that is.

With a little imagination and creativity any baby will enjoy the day along with the rest of the family. It's important to remember than the simpler the better and with a very few guidelines anyone can be successful in this venture.

The first thing to decide is what you want to achieve. One should have a final look in mind that reflects not only the excitement of the day. Often, while their personality is still emerging it's best to start with something classic that is easy to achieve; after all, it's just one day and will probably never be worn again unless made of something they wear frequently like P. J. S.

Solid colors allow the most versatility in the overall design. Often sleepers or suit suits are preferred in that they are comfortable to start with and can be easily adorned. For instance, if making a pea in a pod one wouldn't want to start with a black sleeper, but would select a green one as the base instead. However, if the baby is to be Batman then the black sleeper would be a perfect choice.

It's important to remember that what makes a costume special is not the base chosen, but the embellishments. These are the little items that tell viewers what character the baby is representing. For instance, gluing or sewing a yellow circle that has been adorned with a black bat onto a black sleeper immediately screams "Batman".

Add a black skull cap with ears attached and the costume is finished. These do not have to be store bought items as there are many things around the house already that can serve to turn any baby into a classic character.

There are many other embellishments, as well that can enhance any look. Cover three Nerf balls with green material, stick them with Velcro to the front of a sleeper and you immediately have a pea in a pod. Sew brown yarn onto a brown cap and you have a lion's mane.

Cut white iron-on pellon into tiny bones, iron to a black sleeper, and you have skeleton that rivals anything you could find in a store. Of course, avoiding anything small that could end up as a choking hazard, such as buttons, should be a primary considerations.

Regardless of how a baby is dressed this year they will be adorable and the envy of all. Halloween is a big deal for many families but, honestly, babies could care less. All they want is to be warm and comfortable so the less you do the more they'll enjoy it.

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