You can make baby tutus twice as cute as anything at the store, and it’s easy. Some people think that only poor people make their own baby clothes. That’s just not true.

Most mothers make their own baby clothes not because it is less expensive, but because they want it to look unique. It’s an easy way to dress your child like you want them to look. Baby tutus are no exception.

Really, all you need to make easy baby tutus is elastic and a spool of tulle. Everything else you add will just add to the uniqueness of the outfit. We will just talk about the bare minimum here, but I recommend adding a little more to your own creation.

Now, it’s time to tie some knots. First, you will need to figure out how long the elastic band should be. You do this by wrapping the elastic band around your baby. Then, take the band a safe distance away from your baby, and cut the band.

How to Make Baby Tutus

Now, tie the band into a knot so that it is a circle. Now you have the base of the first of your baby tutus. Wasn’t that easy?

Next, you will need to cut the tulle. Some people just buy one spool in a color that they like. A spool of tulle is not that expensive, they are about 2 to 4 dollars each, so I recommend getting quite a few different colors.

You can use these colors to create a variety of different easy baby tutus, or you could make a tutu with multiple colors. The key is to be unique in your creation. So, after you’ve chosen which color, or colors, to use, you will need to cut them out.

This is once again a time when you can make your own creative choices. Normal tutu length is about ten inches a strip. You can go longer, or shorter, depending on what you want it to look like.

Also, you can alternate sizes according to color if you are making one with multiple colors. This will make for a very unique looking tutu.

Your friends will ask you where you ever found such a cool looking tutu. Next, you will need to tie the tulle around the elastic band. This is easy. All you have to do is tie them into a knot. Make sure you do them evenly.

Just repeat this process until you have enough tulle to fill the elastic. Now your baby will have a tutu. I bet you never guess how easy making baby tutus were. Now, you don’t have to be done. You can now add your own things to the outfit.

I recommend making a headband. This will make any outfit look better. Remember, you don’t have to tell your friends how easy it is to make baby tutus.

You can just let them think that it took you a long time, and that you are an incredible seamstress. A little omission never hurt anyone.