It is nice to be able to pamper ourselves. A day at the spa can feel like heaven and rejuvenate our souls, but there can be a hefty price tag attached to a day at the spa. But you don't have to wait that long to pamper yourself. There are some great spa products you can purchase, but making your own is fun and cheap. Homemade Bath Salts, is just one of those fun spa products you can make for yourself, and enjoy while soaking in the tub.

There are many recipes out there, but this is simple and quick one to make, and it also makes great gifts when dressed up in a nice jar or bottle.

Ingredients for homemade bath salts

4 cups of Epsom salts (you can get this in the grocery store or local drug store in large containers).

1 envelope of UNSWEETENED Kool-Aid or other brand that you like. But it must be the unsweetened.

One quart glass container (clean and dry)

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Take 2 cups of the Epsom salts and pour into your clean jar, then empty the Kool-aid into these salts, cover with the tight fitting lid, and then shake to combine, it will go a pretty color, depending on what flavor of drink mix you use.

Add the other 2 cups of the Epsom Salts and then shake well. The color will look less intense, actually look pretty pale, but just wait and see what happens when you put it in the tub! The color becomes more intense and the aroma is great.

Use 1/2 cup of the mixture per tub, and pour it under the running warm water, and the color will instantly change and the aroma will smell fruity and fresh. Of course you can have a few jars with different flavors for whatever mood you are in.

By making your own homemade bath salts, you can have a greater variety of flavored and scented bath salts on hand. You get the benefits of the Epsom Salts with some added fruity color and aromas. Now you can relax those aching muscles and enjoy the aroma as well.

These would also make great gifts, especially for kids to make for relatives. As long as the jar is clean and dry, and it has a tight fitting lid, it can keep for a very long time. Just be sure and get the UNSWEETENED drink mix for this homemade bath salts recipe.

Purchased bath salts that are flavored and colorful can cost a lot more than what it will cost you to make your own homemade bath salts

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