This particular easy to make scrub works well for dry skin. So, if you find you suffer from dry dull skin, especially in the winter months, then before you drop your hard earned money on yet another packaged product off the shelf to add to your collection in the bathroom, check out this recipe.

Ingredients needed for Homemade Body Scrub for Dry and Dull Skin:

1 cup of brown or white sugar (which ever one you have around the house)

1/2 cup olive oil or other oil

2 drops of vanilla extract (this is optional, but you might as well enjoy the aroma while using it!)

 Good Bath Cloth such as AquaBella Exfoliating Bath Cloth (Twin Pack) (colors will vary) (pictured below).


In a bowl, mix the sugar and the oil, using a wooden spoon if you can, until it is like a thick paste, then add the 2 drops of vanilla extract if you want.

Exfoliating Bath Cloth

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You should be able to get 3 or 4 uses out of this batch of scrub. So, keep it in a clean glass container with a tight fitting lid in the fridge.  You can get clean glass containers with fitted lids at the dollar store.  No need to spend a ton of money on supplies.  But do invest in the cloth above as this along with the formula makes the difference.

Once you are in the shower or bath, using a clean soft cloth, rub this mixture over your skin, it will get rid of the dead and dull dry skin, but also moisturize, stay away from your eyes. Do not use this on cuts or irritated skin, as this does exfoliate. But for healthy skin that just looks dull and dry, this is a great body scrub.

Then rinse as usual. Your skin will feel soft and your dullness will have left. Refrigerate the remaining product, and it will keep in the fridge for 6 months.

If you are tired of expensive beauty products and bath products, but feel you need something more than just plain soap and water, there are a few homemade recipes that work well, especially for body scrubs.

In my Grandmothers day, there were not all these pre-packaged beauty products around and so there were many homemade beauty recipes around that would use products around the house with great results. A easy homemade body scrub is one of them.

Many of these homemade beauty recipes were forgotten as more and more products became available on the store shelves. As a result, many people have shelves of expensive beauty products, that maybe they liked or did not like, and have the remainder of the containers just sitting there. They then go and try something new for even more money.

Most of us have the ingredients needed right in our own homes to make us look and feel radiant!  Give it a try, you will be surprised at just how well this formula works.





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