A Simple Ides for Halloween Costume for Teens

A 1980 costume is a one of the top easy homemade costume ideas for teens. A last minute costume party does not have to cause panic. You can probably find all you need in your family’s closets, especially if you have a mom from the 80s. With just a few items, you can quickly put together a 1980s style wardrobe without spending any money.

Pick out a pair of leggings that fit just right. Leggings were snug in the 80s. Grab a large button up shirt from your dad’s clothing selection and a large chunky belt from your mom. The belt1980 costume goes over the shirt, and the shirt hangs out over the leggings. Tennis shoes or ankle boots will finish out the outfit. For an extra touch, add some lace fingerless gloves and large clunky earrings.

Move on to hair and makeup to complete your 1980s costume. Start by making your hair lo1980 costumesok as if it has an out of control perm. And make it tall. Use the smallest curling iron you have to curl all of your hair in sections. Once curled, you need to give it the frizzed look. First, comb or brush out the curls. Next, flip your head upside down to generously cover it with hair spray while “fluffing” with your other hand. Finally, flip your head back up to spray and fluff the rest of your hair. Tease and spray your bangs repeatedly so they almost stand up by themselves. If you don't want to do that much damage to your hair, splurge on buying  a heavy metal punk wig. For the makeup choose any bright pinks, blues and purples you can find in yours or your mom’s cosmetic bag. Think Rainbow Bright for the eye shadow. A good 1980s eye shadow look will have bright horizontal stripes of pink, blue, and purple. Don’t blend the eye shadow. Apply everything heavier than you might normally for a good 80s image. The lipstick should be a bright pastel pink.

Trends were not subtle in the 80s, so tap into your creative side and don’t hold back for the perfect and yet easy homemade 1980 costume. The 80s may not have created the classiest of styles, but they were memorable. Moreover, they do help inspire a costume that is sure to draw attention.