Convienence of Homemade Cough Drops

Being sick can really ruin one's day. It can suck up all your energy and make you feel like you haven't slept in days. What's worse is how horrible your throat feels. It is so sore and feels like sandpaper even when you drink a glass of water. Sometimes, you can't get to the store to get cough drops. There might be a snow storm or you just don't feel like going out and making every one else in the world sick. Don't worry. You do not have to go to the drug store to get cough drops. You can make your own cough drops at home.

You should try to make your own homemade cough drops a couple times before you really need them. You will probably not get them right the first time and it is always nice to have spares laying around for when you get sick. You might not feel like making them when you are sore all over. The next time you get sick, you can just whip up a batch of these wonderful miracle drops made of herbs and other carefully thought out ingredients. Herbs are known for their strong healing abilities and have been used for hundreds of years to heal the sick. Native American elders used herbs to heal their wounds at war. Many herbs are equal in strength or stronger than drugs found in a pharmacy. The homemade cough drops you make at home will be very effective when used correctly. They are all natural and are not be harmful to your health. They can be used as much as you want without worrying about side effects.

Cough drops purchased at the store come in a wide variety of strengths, flavors, colors and effectiveness. Most of these cough drops can be replicated easily at home by following the directions listed below. Try to use as little amount of ingredients as possible. You do not want to add too many herbs to the cough drops. It is best to experiment to find the right combination of herbs and ingredients for your throat and your taste. You can make cough drops in just about any flavor so you should be able to make a batch that you will like. Different herbs will help in different ways so it is a good idea to combine them so you can get the effectiveness of more than one type of herb. Making cough drops at home is just like making home made hard candy. The main ingredients are sugar and flavoring.

A great way to get flavor into a cough drop is with tea. Tea can not only add flavor but they can also add health benefits. Tea is often used to improve memory, help with weight loss or reduce stress. It is the perfect ingredient for cough drops. Homemade cough drops are pretty much made of sugar, herbal tea and other herbs. It is a simple but effective recipe that anyone can mix up. You can always change the recipe depending on your tastes. If you are a diabetic, you can always add a sugar substitute such as Splenda or Truvia. This won't affect the recipe too much and will keep the cough drops safe for diabetics. Use food color to change the color of the cough drops. Add a variety of different food coloring to make your favorite color combinations. A great way to create different flavors is by using extracts. You can get extracts in mint, almond, vanilla and other fun flavors. These are often sold at grocery stores in the baking isle. After you have created a cool color combination and a fun tasting flavor, you can experiment with the herbs. Use herbs that will benefit you the most.

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Making Homemade Cough Drops

The first thing you want to do when making homemade cough drops is to brew the tea. You want to make it as strong as possible. Do this by using four tea bags and two cups of water. This will create a very strong tea. It might be too strong for some people so start out with two teabags and see if it is strong enough. Make sure the water is boiling. Brew the tea for at least fifteen minutes or longer.

Begin to add sugar to the tea. You will need one part sugar for every one part of tea. One cup of tea will need one cup of sugar. You do not want to use less sugar or the cough drops will get too hard and probably won't turn out to be drops but will end up as a large chunk. You can always add more sugar to make the cough drop taste better. After you have added the desired amount of sugar to the tea, heat the tea and sugar mixture over a medium high flame. Make sure all of the sugar has been dissolved into the tea by stirring it. After it has been dissolved, boil the solution but do not stir it.

Measure the temperature of the solution using a candy thermometer. The candy thermometer works great for making homemade cough drops because the cough drops are made just like the candy you make at home. Remove the solution as soon as the candy thermometer has reached three hundred degrees. Watch the thermometer very closely as it heats up. It will seem like it takes forever to get to two hundred and fifty degrees but after it reaches the two fifty mark, it doesn't take long to get to the three hundred temperature. You don't want the cough drops to burn. Always watch the thermometer and never take your eyes off it.

Now is the time to add the food coloring and the extracts. Gently stir them into the solution. You will be using candy molds to shape the solution into cough drops. Sprinkle a dusting of powdered sugar over the candy molds and pour the solution into the molds. The powdered sugar will make the cough drops less sticky and the powdered sugar will make it easier for the cough drops come out of the molds. Put the candy molds into the fridge and wait a couple hours for the candy to harden. Put some powdered sugar into a baggie. When you take the cough drops out of the candy mold, drop them into the bag of sugar. This will make them less sticky but they will also taste better. Wrap the homemade cough drops in plastic wrap and put them in a candy jar. I like to keep mine in a drawer in my fridge. A cold homemade cough drop will instantly make a throat feel better.

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