Holiday Entertaining


Everyone loves to enjoy their company while holiday entertaining. Sometimes this is hard to do when you're the hostess. Try these easy tips to keep as much of your time with your friends and family while your entertaining for the holidays.

If you like to have flowers around for the company to admire, you don't have to order it from the florist. It's a very simple project if you don't try to make it too complicated. Your guest will love the beautiful color and aroma. Buy bouquets in bulk at produce outlets and gather up your vases. Make sure you have some filler plants like Boston fern or babies breathe. You cannot go wrong and it won't take very long even to put together 5 – 6 arrangements in water. Be sure to shape your arrangements evenly on both sides. If you have leftover flowers here is a good way to use them up. Find some small round glass or plastic bowls. Put florist foam on the bottom. Make sure you soak it in water first. Then cut the flowers so they have 3-4 inch stems. Arrange the flowers including some filler, close to the foam. It's a nice unusual type of arrangement I have used over the years. You can make a fresh flower arrangement in nearly any container with some imagination. This creates a wonderful atmosphere for your party.

 You will need lots of food for your guests. There are ways to take prepared foods and add your own touch. For instance, appetizers can be spiced up, You can even add cheese to make them taste more like home. A good suggestion is to do a combination of homemade foods and prepared food to cut down on the work load. This route should be taken especially if there are a large number of guest invited.

For desserts, if you are baking homemade ones, make double or triple of everything. You can always freeze leftovers. Cookies that are store bought can be dipped in melted chocolate and you can add sprinkles immediately so they will stick to the cookie. This makes a beautiful cookie spread.

Any food that can be made ahead of time and frozen for thawing later would be an asset to your time.

Recruit your kids if they are 10 or up to help serves guests the appetizers. Set up a serve yourself beverage center. Making the food spread in buffet style is always so much easier and less time consuming for the hostess. This way you can relax more while holiday entertaining and spend more time with your guests.






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