Want to reach as many people as you can, but frustrated by the limitations of email? Looking for another way to get your business message across effectively? Podcasting could be the best alternative for you.

Whether you're a business owner who wants to reach potential customers, or just an ordinary person who'd like to share your thoughts and skills with others on the Internet, this new form of media distribution has potential.

Since it's inception, podcasting, which is an amalgam of "iPod" and "broadcasting", has grown in popularity.

Studies show that almost thirty percent of the twenty two million people who use mp3 players download and listen to podcasts. That's a big percentage of this segment of society.

Podcasting is a useful and important method for distributing content. The word is so popular that it was 2005's Word of the Year in the New Oxford American Dictionary.

It's starting to become the industry standard for conveying messages, and it has limitless applications. Execution can be a little difficult now, but it's gotten easier since podcasting started, and continues to become more and more simple.

Here are just a few of the things that you can do with podcasts.

* Use them to market your products. A downloadable audio show can help recommend your goods, and tell people how your product or service can assist them. You'll want to make sure that there's a lot of good information to give your recommendations credence and keep people's attention. A podcast that's nothing but a sales ad would get old fast.

* Entertain. No everyone loves to read, so your witty words might be going unnoticed. Podcasting gives you a venue that allows you to share your thoughts in a channel that's convenient for everyone, no matter what their literacy level or preferences.

* Educate. Many people respond better to things they hear than those they read. Your patrons might get the message better if they have their information in audoo format and can listen to it whenever they choose.

* Impress. Your ability to deliver content in audio format makes your website or service a lot more credible. If you're trying to build up your image as a brand, this can be a big help.

* Enjoy. Subscribing to podcasts on your own lets you enjoy their content and benefits, as well as pick up tips for podcasts you create. Podcasts are a popular new way of distributing information. Join up with this new medium today, and get a good position as podcasting grows.

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