Finding a job in this day and age can pose quite a challenge, even for those with a great deal of education on their resumes. Fortunately, jobs for high school students have not been effected by the current economic crunch with many choices available all over for young adults.

There are several reasons why a teenager may need to seek employment of some kind such as financially, to gain relevant work experience or just to oblige their parents and show some effort.

Most of these job openings for teens are part time and pay just around the minimum wage requirements in their local areas. While the individual is still considered a minor and a full time student by law, they should never be working a full time job or anything over twenty hours per week to avoid interfering with their academics.

Jobs for high school students are typically in the retail industries, childcare, landscaping or summer duties such as being a lifeguard. While working at the local shopping mall may be ideal for most teens to work alongside their peers, many leave out several other employment opportunities that could potentially pave the way for their futures.

Working in libraries may sound like a complete bore, but the information a high school student can obtain from working in such an institution can be permanent. The same theory applies to working in a local museum, doctor's office and hospital. Teens can learn not only valuable work experience, but essential life skills by contributing to such industries.

Every high school student should have a discussion with their parents regarding what type of employment they wish to seek and hoe it will effect their school career and athletics when they do begin working. It's a balancing act that even adults struggle to maintain on a weekly basis, and teens should start off working a few hours per week and increase them as they feel comfortable with their new schedule.

Once the teen has become aware of what will be expected of them, they will need to obtain a work permit that will be approved by their family doctor to ensure they are physically capable of working. It is then signed by the school administration and the parents for the child to take with them their first week of employment.

It is always a great idea to encourage your children to engage in work activities that will benefit their potential career path in the future. If your child desires to attend college as an elementary education major, then encourage them to get a part time job babysitting in your area. This type of work can show them a sneak preview of what lies in their future to base that college major decision on.

These are all great tips on jobs for high school students, but the most important thing is that they do not bite off more than they can chew. Take the working slow at first and build up from there to get accustomed to juggling working, school and their friends without setting them up for failure.