What is green and good to eat? Watergate Salad

The recipe for today, Watergate Salad, is #3 in the Easy Kid Recipes Series. While it is called a salad, it is so tasty you can also serve it as a pudding dessert. I call my recipe Watergate Salad, but it also goes by the name of Pistachio Salad, and I have even heard people call it the Green Salad. Hey, no matter what you call this delicious salad, just call me when it is ready to eat!

Let's gather the ingredients needed to make this yummy pudding recipe:

Easy Kid Recipes – Watergate Salad – Ingredients NeededCredit: Southerngirl09

1 container Cool Whip, 8-ounce size, (whipped topping)

1 package Jell-O Pistachio Flavored Instant Pudding & Pie Filling, small size

1 can crushed pineapple and juice, 1 lb. 4 oz. size can

1 cup miniature marshmallows

½ cup chopped English walnuts, optional

Things you'll need to make this recipe:

Easy Kid Recipes – Watergate Salad – Things NeededCredit: Southerngirl09

Large mixing bowl

Spatula for scraping the Cool Whip from the container

Scissors for opening the pudding

Can opener

Measuring cups: 1 cup size and ½ cup size

Serving bowl, optional

Let's Cook

Easy Kid Recipes – Watergate Salad – Thawing the Cool WhipCredit: Southerngirl09

Step 1: 

Take the container of frozen Cool Whip out of the freezer, and place it in the refrigerator approximately 4 hours before you plan to use it to make this recipe.




Easy Kid Recipes – Watergate Salad – Cool Whip in the Mixing BowlCredit: Southerngirl09

Step 2:

Using the soft spatula, scrape all of the thawed Cool Whip from the container and into the large mixing bowl.




Easy Kid Recipes – Watergate Salad – Blending the Cool Whip and PuddingCredit: Southerngirl09

Step 3:

Open the box of pudding mix. Using the scissors, cut off the corner of the bag, and empty the contents into the bowl of Cool Whip. Gently blend the pudding mix into the Cool Whip. Stir until well mixed. Make a well (hole) in the center of the pudding mixture in the bowl.



Easy Kid Recipes – Watergate Salad – Adding the PineappleCredit: Southerngirl09

Step 4:

Open the can of pineapple. and pour it into the hole in the pudding mixture. Stir the crushed pineapple into the mixture.




Easy Kid Recipes – Watergate Salad – Adding the Miniature MarshmallowsCredit: Southerngirl09Step 5:

Stir in the miniature marshmallows.





Easy Kid Recipes – Watergate Salad – Stirring in the NutsCredit: Southerngirl09

Step 6:

If adding nuts, stir them in, and make sure all the ingredients are well-blended. I am using English walnuts, but you can use your favorite nut. Remember: Nuts are optional.



Easy Kid Recipes – Watergate Salad – Place in the RefrigeratorCredit: Southerngirl09

Step 7:

Your creation is now ready to be put into the refrigerator. However, before placing it into the refrigerator, either tidy up the mixing bowl, or empty it into another bowl for serving. Cover before refrigerating. Let it chill approximately 2 hours before serving.

Clean up time:

If the whipped topping container, the pineapple can, and the pudding box can be recycled in your neighborhood, be sure to place them into the recycle bin. Before placing the dishes you used into the dishwasher, that spatula you used will need a good licking to remove all traces of the ‘goodie green mixture’. Now, wipe off the counter top where you were working. Good job!

In Closing

Easy Kid Recipes – Watergate Salad – Here is a TasteCredit: Southerngirl09

Teaching your child to cook is a lifetime gift, and the time you spend together is priceless. While waiting for the ‘goodie green mixture’ to chill, get the family together, and go outside to play some games. Having fun together is what it’s all about.

Now, my young chefs, you can add another completed recipe – Watergate Salad – to your recipe file. While this dish is tasty anytime, because it is green, it is fun to make and serve on St. Patrick’s Day. It is equally delicious to serve to welcome spring or to add something green and yummy to the Christmas table. So whether you serve it as a pudding dessert or a salad, it makes a great addition to any meal anytime of the year.

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