Is your kitchen lacking the flair that only a beautiful backsplash can provide because you don’t want to spend the entire weekend working on it? Well that excuse is no longer valid. There are so many easy kitchen backsplash options available that you can get the look you want in your kitchen in as little as an afternoon. Take a look at these easy backsplash ideas and choose the one that best suites your kitchen.


One of the easiest backsplashes by far is paint but many people shy away from this kitchen backsplash option because it is not dramatic enough. Little do they know that paint can be striking, easy to clean and inexpensive. The trick to creating an interesting backsplash with paint is using the paint in a fun and unusual way. One option is chalkboard paint that comes in a variety of colors. Simply apply as you would any other paint, then once it dries you can decorate it with your own personalized chalk art.

If chalkboard paint isn’t something that appeals to you as a backsplash, you can always take standard paint and create something beautiful. Consider painting geometric shapes, like squares or rectangles in alternating colors with a high-gloss paint. If done right, the effect can be very similar to a tile kitchen backsplash but easier to do.

Vinyl Tiles

Do you crave the look of slate, granite or another natural stone but don’t want to go through the hassle of installing it as a backsplash? If so, you might want to consider vinyl tiles. These tiles have come a long way in looks over the last few years and with the ease of simply peeling off paper backing and sticking the tile to the wall, it doesn’t get much easier. Some of these vinyl tiles are even groutable for a more realistic look with just a little more work.

Faux Pressed Tin

Many people love the drama and light that pressed tin can add to a kitchen but most feel it is beyond their reach. Real tin tiles are expensive and can be a pain to install, but faux tin tiles can provide the same look in a less expensive and easier to install package. Some faux pressed tin tiles are simply peel and stick while others require you to apply glue to the wall first. Whichever way you decide to go, it is sure to be much easier than a traditional pressed tin backsplash.

Smart Tiles

A new product available at Home Depot is Smart Tiles. This lightweight peel-and-stick option mimics the look of glass tile, subway tile and even painted terracotta. Simply peel of the paper backing, stick it to the wall and apply a coat of the included clear gel to give it a finished look. When you need to cut the tiles to fit, no special tools are required, a sharp pair of scissors or a utility knife will do the trick.

With all of these easy and dramatic options available, you no longer have the excuse that installing a kitchen backsplash is too difficult. Now all you need some supplies and an afternoon to give your kitchen a brand-new look.